Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Impress an Editor in 9 Steps: Part 5

Dear Editor,
Here you go. Talk to you soon.

No, this isn't a real cover letter. However, some proposals have come through our offices with nothing at all in the email, not even a signature. 

It's hard to say if a cover letter/email like that is being used to force an editor to open the proposal or from an author who is too busy or too shy to actually use the skills they want to sell.

When you write to an acquisitions editor… WRITE to the editor. After all, you are a writer. This is a person you’re emailing. Engage him or her just like you would if you met on the street. An e-mail is a letter after all. Take a moment to introduce yourself and share a little about why you're righting.

Not only is the email a letter, the person to whom you are writing is representing a business. Professionalism is always a plus. Talk to them in your initial email. Tell them why you’ve chosen to email them. Give them a little background on your story that might not fit into part of the proposal attachment.

Publishing companies, even small ones, receive hundreds of proposals every year. Sometimes, they receive hundreds of proposals every week! It’s easier for them to reject a project than it is to accept one. Especially from an author with no publishing experience. Show how well you can engage your audience by engaging them. Give them every reason to pick you.

My best advice: Show, through that initial email, the passion you have for your topic or the enthusiasm you have for your story. Enthusiasm is contagious and can go a long way in moving your book through to publication.

And if you have a question about publishing, queries, proposals, or what type of publishing is right for you, drop a line right here! Our executive director, Marji Laine Clubine, might use your question on her radio show, February 7 at 7PM Central (Publishing Laine). If she uses your question, she'll send you a free book.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

NEW BEGINNINGS by Harriet Michael

Are you a morning person or a night one? I’m a morning person. I love mornings! They always beckon me with the promise of a new beginning. Mornings have a freshness to me as if they hold a secret promise of great things that might happen as the day unfolds.

Some years ago as I was researching and writing my book on prayer, I came across so many passages in the scripture where one Bible character or another rises early in the morning to do something God had called them to do that day, or to seek God in some way. Here are some examples, just to list a few:

Abraham rose early the day he planned to offer Isaac as a sacrifice according to Genesis 22:3. He rose early again the day after Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed and he hurried to a place where he could look down on the cities to see if they had been destroyed or not. (Genesis 19:27-28)

Joshua rose early to travel to the Jordon before he crossed over. (Joshua 3:1)

David rose early to obey his father Jesse and take supplies to his brothers in battle. (1 Samuel 17:20)

God instructed Moses to rise early when he was to stand before Pharaoh and tell him to let God’s people go. (Exodus 8:20)

… and on and on it goes. If you look for this pattern in the scripture, you will find it.

So, what’s the lesson here? Is this bad news for those of us who do not care so much for mornings and need a little time and maybe a cup of coffee before we can even begin to embrace the new day? I don’t think so. I don’t think the biblical point is to love mornings as much as it is to get on with whatever God has for you to do in life. In the Bible times, before electricity, if they were going to apply themselves in whatever action they felt God had asked of them, they’d better not waste any daylight; they better get on with it.

Today, doing what God has asked of you may require staying up late instead of rising early. But the point remains--embrace the day! Or rather, embrace what God is calling you to do, and get busy doing it, whether that means getting up early or sleeping late because you stayed up late the night before.

And since it is now January, the new beginning of a brand new year—embrace that too.

About the Author

Harriet Michael is the author of over 150 articles and devotions along with her recent release, PRAYER: IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU. Born on the mission field of Nigeria, she has a passion for the Lord and sharing His words.

You can learn more about Harriet at her author page on the Write Integrity Press website HERE, and buy her book in print or e-book HERE.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Radio - ACTIVE!

The New Year opens up a brand new avenue for Marji Laine Clubine, the executive director of Write Integrity Press. She is the new host of the radio program, "Down Publishing Laine," which has its first episode at 7PM Central January 3, 2017.

Author Shirley Crowder will join her on her first show. Shirley will be discussing her latest release, PRAYER STUDY GUIDE, that is the companion to PRAYER: IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU by Harriet E. Michael.

So where are you on your writing journey? Do you have a question for a publisher? Need clues in how to proceed with your dreams of being an author or novelist? Be part of Marji Laine's first audience on the chat line or leave a question in the comment section!

Or you can listen live and chat your questions to Marji Laine at 7PM Central at THIS LINK.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

This Season by Elizabeth Noyes

A great deal of prose has been written about the four seasons, but I recently experienced my own epiphany. It came to me while touring the north Georgia mountains by bus, a day trip I took with the Senior Adults of our church on the last day of October. The sole purpose—to revel in the changing colors of the glorious fall foliage. (Oh, and buy apples.)

I’ll admit my expectations weren’t high given the long drought this year and the unseasonably warm temperatures. It’s not Vermont or Maine, after all. Despite my reservations, I set out with every intention of enjoying our time together.

The day dawned with a crispness that encouraged a light jacket, and a brightness that made me squint behind dark sunglasses. A few puffy, white clouds paraded across a sky of Robin’s Egg blue. And then we reached the foothills.

Stunning! Magnificent! Spectacular! Words are not sufficient to describe the beauty set before us, and this only a tiny sample of God’s artistic genius. We traveled along winding roads and hairpin turns, up inclines that made the bus’s engine growl, and slow descents into pastoral valleys where each turn brought new marvels. The colors boggled my imagination. Hunter Green, Fiery Orange, Blazing Red, and all those delicate, in-between shades that beg for exotic names like crimson, ocher, cerise, chartreuse, terra cotta, burnt sienna, primrose, vermillion. And when the sun set them ablaze like a hint of God’s Shekinah glory.

“Ooh” and “Ahh” became the watchwords of the day. At one point, I feared for the safety of my fellow passengers as everyone clambered from side-to-side, eager to snap yet another remarkable picture, all while the bus driver wound his way through the twisty curves.
Somewhere in the middle of all this grandeur, a profound thought took root in my mind. Autumn is the season when life wanes and death draws near … and here we sat celebrating the life and death of a dying thing.

Mankind is also a dying thing.

Instead of joy, we experience sadness when a loved one leaves this world ahead of us, but grief is a selfish emotion, one focused on the survivor.

Christians mourn and feel the same loss, but with one difference. We can rejoice over a fellow believer’s homegoing. We can celebrate his life because of the promise and hope of our faith. For Christians, winter is not the end, but a new beginning, a new spring, a new life. Eternity realized.

The Christmas holiday falls in the dead of winter, a time we remember that God sent His Only Son to us as a baby, a boy child who would save a dark world. Jesus is the reason for our hope. He is the promise of Christmas.

Elizabeth also shared a recipe for PRALINES! Whether you call them Pray-leens or Prah-leens, these are bound to be delicious!


Learn more about Elizabeth Noyes
and her books at her author page
on the Write Integrity Press site.

1½ c. Granulated sugar
¾ c. Light brown sugar (packed)
½ c. + 2 T. Half & Half cream
½ stick Butter
1½ c. Pecans
1 t. Vanilla


· Assemble all ingredients and necessary items before you start.
· Cover a cutting board or cookie sheet with waxed paper. (Mixture will be hot and could damage a table or countertop. The heat will melt the wax from the paper onto the surface.)
· Combine all ingredients except the pecans and vanilla in a heavy saucepan. Mixture will be thick.
· Stir until it comes to a boil. Turn the heat down to a low boil. Stir occasionally and sparingly, spooning any undissolved sugar up the sides of the pan to melt.
· Cook until the mixture reaches the softball stage, or 239° using a candy thermometer.
· Remove from heat. Stir in the vanilla and the pecans, and continue a slow stir until the mixture begins to thicken and becomes creamy and cloudy. Drop by spoonfuls onto the waxed paper to harden.
· If the candy begins to harden too fast while you drop it, stir in 1-2 T. of warm water to thin the mixture. Don’t add too much; just enough to allow the mixture to settle into a “puddle.”
· When cooked to the correct temperature, the mixture will harden with minutes. If cooked too long, the dropped spoonful will remain sticky and never firm up. (Pralines should be firm, yet creamy.)
· Pralines should be eaten right away, but can be stored in an airtight container for a couple of days.

May your Christmas be one filled with hope and expectation for the future the Lord holds for you!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cynthia Toney is CHOSEN!

Yesterday, Kirkus Review Magazine (www.KirkusReviews.com) chose  a review on 10 STEPS TO GIRLFRIEND STATUS, by Cynthia Toney, as one of it's top reviews for this month and included it in their magazine! So cool!

Here's her article. We're so excited for Cynthia! AND for the latest book in this series: 6 DATES TO DISASTER!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Winner and Special Discount

The winner of our 12 Books of Christmas is ... Lucy Reynolds!

Yea! Congratulations!

But the rest of you can take advantage of our Turquoise Tuesday! Today Only!

You can purchase these 10 books for only 99¢ each!

Monday, December 12, 2016

12 Books of Christmas: THE EXPECTANT FUTURE CHRISTMAS by Sheryl Holmes

There are just some questions that are too big to answer.  Every year at least one of my nine children asks me,
“What do you want for Christmas, Mom?”

Inevitably, I sigh, and deflect, and say,
“Well that’s something for me to think about….”

I never really give an answer to that question…except once – a few years ago, I said:
“Peace. I want Peace for Christmas.”

That year, I got a decorative pillow with the words P. E. A. C. E. embroidered on it.

Every year, I contemplate what I should say – how much do I tell? I know the kids want a tangible answer like, a new pair of slippers, or lipstick, or bottle of lotion…something easy to search for and obtain at the local mall.  Yet, what I really want can’t be found at Target.

Even to this day, I have never given voice to the words that express my deepest desire.

I do believe it is what every Jesus-loving mother wants in her heart of hearts. The desire that God places in a mamma’s heart the moment He begins to knit inside her womb.  The desire that grows stronger and more intense as the years go by and the child grows taller.

Dare I whisper it?
Child, it is love.
Child, it is salvation.
This is what I want for Christmas.
I want it for you.
There is nothing I want more than for my child to know he is loved, by me, by his father, and even more so, by the Father.

I don’t desire to get anything for Christmas 
except to know,
you, my child, know you are loved by the Author of life.
I want you, my child, to take that gift of salvation 
that was born to us all on that first Christmas.

Is this not exactly what God wants for each of us?

Is this not why He gave us Jesus in the manger?

Ask me again this year, my child.  Ask me:
“What do you want for Christmas, Mom?” 

I think, this year, I will not sigh.  I will not deflect.  I will speak an answer definitively louder than a whisper.
“Child, I want you to know you are deeply loved.”

Until you ask me, I am praying, expectantly.

IN hope, I wait.

About the Author:

Sheryl Holmes, a daughter of the King, enjoys a loving marriage with her husband of twenty-six years. She is a devoted mother of nine, currently home educating five of her children. You can learn more about Sheryl and her book, TOWDAH, at her author page on our Write Integrity Website. And below, you can enjoy her recipe for her mother-in-law's special cookies.

Grandma's Christmas Cookies:

In love, my mother in-law made these every year for Christmas. When she passed away, I continued, in love, to make these for my husband and my children every year since.  It’s the only cookie they care about having; it’s just not Christmas without them!

This cookie bar is made in three layers:

1st layer - beat ½ cup of better, 1 egg yolk, 2 TBS of water together.  Add in 1 ¼ cup of flour, 1 tsp. of sugar, and 1 tsp. of baking powder.  Press into a 13x9 inch greased pan & bake at 350 degrees for 10 minute.

2nd layer - sprinkle 1 bag of mini chocolate chips onto the hot crusty bottom layer and return it to the oven for 1 minute. Take it out of the oven and smooth the chocolate out with a frosting spreader knife.

3rd layer – beat 2 eggs, ¾ of a cup of sugar together and add in 6 TBS of melted butter, 2 tsp. of vanilla, and 2 cups of finely chopped walnuts and mix til smooth and creamy.  Pour onto the chocolate layer (optional: sprinkle with colored sugar) and bake for 30 minutes.

Cool, and cut into squares using a plastic knife.

12 Books of Christmas:

You can win a copy of Sheryl's book, TOWDAH, along with 11 other books (US residents only) by commenting below and leaving your email address for us to add to our monthly newsletter list. (Unsubscribe anytime.) Here's a question you can answer: What is some special or traditional that you or one of your family members share each year?

Oh, and don't forget that tomorrow this book along with 9 others will be available for 99¢. So if you don't win the contest and get them all for free, you can still enjoy some Christmas reading at deep discounts! But the price is only good tomorrow, December 13, for our Turquoise Tuesday sale!