Monday, January 7, 2013

Writing Opportunity for Valentine's Day!

Happy New Year!!

This week promises to be one of our busiest yet - I'll have announcements all week long. For those of you waiting on the Books of Hope winner announcement - I'm hoping we'll be able to do that by the end of next week!

Today's announcement is a fast one.

We want to publish an ebook of romantic short stories for Valentine's Day! Yes, it's fast, but I seem to like projects like that, don't I?

Heart Bouquets will be published February 14, 2013.

Here's what we're looking for:

* Clean, sweet, wholesome romances. No steamy love scenes, no erotica. We want clean, sweet, beautiful stories.

* If it has a natural Christian element to the story, that's great, but it is not a requirement.

* Word count should be in the 2000-5000 range, submitted in a Word document attached to the e-mail. Times New Roman font, size 12. Double spaced.

* Each story will stand on its own, but will be compiled with other stories into a single digital book.

* Deadline January 31, 2013. Earlier is preferred, as they will be read and scored as they arrive.

* Submit your story by the deadline to: editor [at] writeintegrity [dot] com, with a subject line of: Heart Bouquets Entry.

* Please include your 100-200 word bio with your entry, and links to your website(s). If you have published books, you may include one book cover image and link to that book.

* The story must be unpublished and original.

* The author can be published or not-yet published.


Susan said...

What are the prizes?

Tracy Ruckman said...

Prizes include publication and a cash prize that will be disclosed to chosen entries.

Anonymous said...

Can an individual submit more than one entry?

Susan said...

Sounds wonderful! Several of my friends and I have entered and we all hope for the best. Thanks for doing this.