Friday, April 5, 2013

She took the Dare!

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be sharing some of the rewards you'll get when you donate to our St. Louis fundraising efforts.

Today, I'm going to share one that's not on the list.

Fay Lamb is notoriously camera shy. And apparently she's Skype shy too. We were sharing information about the two Skype-with-an-author book club rewards, and someone asked why there wasn't a Skype session with Fay.

Fay explained, and then said that, in lieu of a Skype session, if someone would donate the entire fundraiser amount - $3500 - she would go speak or teach for any writer's group anywhere, on her own dime. After conversations back and forth, she wasn't just bluffing - she's serious! She'd rather meet you in person than Skype with you. Crazy as that sounds, if I'm honest, I'm the same way!

THEN, she double-dog-dared me to do the same thing! Since Tim had run to Lowe's, I agreed before he could talk me out of it! So, if someone donates the $3500 before April 21st, you'll get Fay and I to come teach or speak at your writer's group! (And with us, you never know what other kinds of surprises we might have up our sleeve!)

Check out Faithfunder, watch our fun video, and then, please consider helping us. If everyone we know gave only $3, it would more than fund us! Check out all the fun rewards - t-shirts, manuscript critiques, lunch with the publisher (in St. Louis OR Atlanta!), Skype sessions, and more. And all proceeds will be put toward this event and future marketing if we go over the $3500.

Fay made a great post on Facebook today and I'd like to share it so you'll know why this is important to us:

From Fay Thompson Lamb: We'd really love to have your support for our introverted writers tour to St. Louis. I'm proud to be an employee for and a writer for two of the best small presses in the Christian publishing industry. I believe in small Christian presses. I think God is raising up wonderful publishers to take over where many in the large publishing industry are lacking and moving into secular mode. If you've had the pleasure of reading some of the awesome work or if you are a writer from a small Christian press, will you help send some very caring authors to St. Louis this summer so that we can represent the industry? We're having fun with the contest and we're not asking something for nothing. Our writers--even those who will not be joining us in St. Louis--have offered some neat items and opportunities for your donations.

We honestly, truly thank you for your support. This is a huge mission and we're loving the journey!

I'll share more rewards on Monday.


Linda Strawn said...

That's Fay for you. One day our critique group (of which Fay is a member) decided to meet on Skype. None of us had met in person, so Skype was the next best thing. We really missed Fay that day.

Fay Lamb, Editor said...

I missed you, too, Linda. I wasn't aware I was so blatantly obvious, but I know Readypens is a very forgiving group. :-)