Monday, December 16, 2013

Pinterest Contest Winner for A Ruby Christmas

The Pinterest Contest proved quite interesting - some of the images offered quite the challenge. 

Readers were presented with two images each day for nine days. They compared the images, and sent in a list of differences in the two photos.

The winner is:

Jaime Sugden

Congratulations, Jaime! Expect an e-mail from me shortly.

Several have asked me to provide the answers, so here they are.

Chapter One - Texas boots. Greenery was added to the window.
Chapter Two - Colorado biker. The "tail" of his orange bandanna is gone.
Chapter Three - Cocoa beach surfer. The dock piling on the far right now has a cover.
Chapter Four - Mountains of Virginia. The curved parking lot originally had two rows, now there are three.
Chapter Five - New York City. Just above and to the left of the "Shred-It" truck, there is a light pole. At the top of the light pole, a gray and red ball has been added. (You'll notice another gray and red ball in the bottom left corner, just above the PD. That was originally there.)
Chapter Six - London. Two changes on this one (although you only had to guess one of them.) Two of the round circles now have the white "honeycomb" windows in them.
Chapter Seven - Paris. Greenery added to the balcony above the blue storefront.
Chapter Eight - South Africa. A light fixture was added to the pole on the right.
Chapter Nine - Guatemala. Clouds were added on the right.

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