Sunday, December 11, 2016

12 Books of Christmas: Two Collaborations

Not only will one of our readers (US residents only) receive 10 paperback books of some of the best of Write Integrity Press, but we'll be giving away our two Christmas e-books as well!

THE CHRISTMAS TREE TREASURE HUNT, a novella that was team-written by nine of our authors, is an Amazon best-seller that catapulted all of the authors onto the top 100 list for eight days.

Here's the Amazon short version:

Grace takes delivery of a package and her life is turned upside down by nine sealed mystery envelopes from her late grandmother. Grammie’s instructions require Grace to take the journey of her lifetime, not only to far off places, but also into the deepest parts of her heart. As she follows the trail laid out for her and uncovers her family’s darkest secrets, Grace is forced to confront the loss and betrayal that has scarred her past and seek the greatest Christmas Treasure of all.

A RUBY CHRISTMAS was a follow-up collaboration put together by another nine authors. This book is extra special this year because it will be permanently retired in January. Get it while you have the chance!

Here's the Amazon short version:

Ruby Joy Buckner, cowgirl, has never left the Lone Star State, but at her father’s request, she takes her faithful canine companion and travels the world in search of Nativity pieces. As Ruby collects the pieces, she also collects a few unexpected surprises, including an awareness of the beauty in other cultures, and quite a menagerie of new friends, thanks in part to Yippee Ti Yi Yo who charms everyone they meet.

Ruby’s budding awareness of life outside Texas opens her eyes to a world of whimsy, and the Nativity pieces she collects are unusual. Will her father approve her eclectic collection … and the changes that travel brought to Ruby’s world?

12 Days of Christmas:

You can win an e-copy of both of these books along with the 10 print books (US residents only) by commenting below and leaving your email address for us to add to our monthly newsletter list. (Unsubscribe anytime.) And while you're commenting, tell us what you look forward to most at Christmas.

Oh and one more thing! When the winner is picked on Tuesday, December 13, if you didn't win, don't worry! You've got a special coming your way - All of the books we are giving away (that are currently available) will be only 99¢. It's our Turquoise Tuesday special! But be ready for the special because all the books will only be at 99¢ for only the one day!

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