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If I Could Take Three People on Summer Vacation

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We recently provided a writing prompt to our authors: If you could take three people on summer vacation, you'd take [who] and [why]. We told them they could take real or fictional people, from the past, present, or future.

Today, Betty Thomason Owens gives us her response.

If I Could Take Three People on Summer Vacation
by Betty Thomason Owens

If I could take three people on summer vacation, I’d take …

If I could take three people on a summer vacation, I'd take my husband, my mom, and Dad to Seattle and surrounds. I'd want my best friend and husband of forty years with me, because it just wouldn't be fun without him and he loves the area. My mother grew up in Seattle and Dad always regretted never taking her to visit. We wouldn't fly, because Mom has difficulty with the altitude thing, so we'd rent a luxurious RV and make it a fun road trip. This is fantasy, right? So I can afford a luxurious RV and an extended vacation.

Upon arrival in Seattle, we'd visit all the places my mother remembers from her childhood. We'd sip coffee at Tully's downtown and stroll over to Pike's Place Market. We'd sit on the wharf and have a bowl of fresh clam chowder.

Afterward, we'd visit her cousins who live in a beautiful log cabin near Edgewood. The views of Rainier are amazing in that area. We'd visit Rainier National Park then stop at the fruit stands and eat fresh cherries--because of course it would be cherry season.

A ferry would then transport us to the San Juan Islands in the Puget Sound. We'd visit Friday Harbor and Orcas Island, do some whale watching, and climb Mt. Constitution.

After we'd seen everything Mom wanted to see, we'd head back to Kentucky, where she now lives alone, in a one-bedroom apartment. Dad's been gone for eight years. But it sure would be nice to visit with him and make an old dream come true for the both of them.


Betty Thomason Owens writes romantic comedy, historical fiction, and fantasy-adventure. She has contributed hundreds of articles and interviews to various blogs around the Internet and is an active member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), where she leads a critique group. She’s also a mentor, assisting other writers. She is a co-founder of a blog dedicated to inspiring writers, and a contributing editor for the online magazine, Imaginate.

Her 20’s era romance, Amelia's Legacy, Book One in the Legacy Series, released October, 2014 (Write Integrity Press). She also writes contemporary stories as a co-author of A Dozen Apologies and its sequels, The Love Boat Bachelor and Unlikely Merger. She has two fantasy-adventure novels, The Lady of the Haven and A Gathering of Eagles, in a second edition published by Sign of the Whale BooksTM, an imprint of Olivia Kimbrell PressTM.

Write Integrity released her latest book last month: Annabelle's Ruth is a 1950’s historical novel inspired by the Book of Ruth, Book One of the Kinsman Redeemer Series.

You can connect with Betty on her personal webpage, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and at Writing Prompts & Thoughts & Ideas…Oh My!

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