Thursday, July 12, 2012

Magnificent Hope in Sparkles, Taffeta, and a Relay!

Today's Mission Event is written by author Sheryl Holmes.

The sky darkened and it was inevitable as the rumble of thunder came slowly like a growl.  Lightening and an immediate down pour nipped furiously on the heels of another bellow of thunder.  Meanwhile, Magnificent Hope was eagerly slipping into her sparkles and taffeta readying herself for her place alongside me as I prepared to walk my first Survivor’s Lap around the track at the local Relay for Life event.  We both exchanged quizzical and questioning looks between us as we wondered if the event would be canceled due to the foreboding weather upon us.  But, true to New England weather, the rain suddenly stopped and gentle white clouds appeared and the sky returned to a soft blue hue and the early evening sky looked promising.

Gathering in front of the DJ’s podium, Magnificent Hope caught the eye of everyone; she  was dazzling!  People stared and made friendly comments.  Fifty or so of us stood in our purple “survivor” t-shirts – many of us with our caregivers and supporters.  Maggie Hope, as I heard was her nickname, remained by my side, hand in hand with me as we made our way around the track.  I was delighted to display the personification of  the HOPE that sparkles in my heart as a believer and follower of our Lord Jesus Christ.  It was just this HOPE that spurred me on and uplifted me through many a dark day as I battled cancer last year.  Joy filled my soul as I reminisced with the many others walking in front and in back of me in celebration that we are survivors.  Side liners cheered and gave out winsome smiles and good words for all of us.  I cheered inside my heart as I praised my Father in Heaven for the healing hand He had upon me as I endured cancer, allowing me to survive.  My life was sustained. Magnificent Hope prevailed.

Following the walk, Maggie Hope and I greeted people who passed by my table with vivacious “hello’s” as we offered my book Towdah: A Cancer Survivor’s Song of Hope for sale.  Proceeds went to the fundraising efforts of the Relay; this was our mission. Relay for Life is a fundraising event for the American Cancer Society.

It began in 1985 as an oncologist in Tacoma WA decided to run and walk a track for 24 hours in order to raise money for research – through the night to symbolize the fact that cancer never sleeps; he raised $27,000 as people supported and watched  his 24 hr. marathon.  Since then, teams walk in relay style to raise money and support those who have battled cancer and have survived, those who are battling, and those who lost the battle - lighting luminaries in memory of those loved ones.

Magnificent Hope and I are HOPEFUL that those who purchased my book will be encouraged and find that Magnificent Hope is available to all who earnestly seek after and follow our Savior Jesus Christ – doing His will.

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