Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Magnificent Hope Visits Kentucky Conference

Magnificent Hope has been traipsing around the country with Stan and Ann Knowles—NC, VA, WV, KY—on her way to the Kentucky Christian Writers Conference in Elizabethtown, KY. Look, there she is on Ann’s book table and I spy books published by Write Integrity Press and Pix-N-Pens Publishing.

Hope especially enjoyed the scenery along the way, but her favorite parts were the endless white fences, beautiful stallions, and lush bluegrass. Near Bluegrass Airport in Lexington, she saw an amazing life-sized mural that served as a backdrop for  grazing horses and several statues of horses. Being the traveler that she is, Hope wanted to stop and visit every historic site and learn all about the folks who made Kentucky famous—from Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace at Hodgeskinville to Bardstown where Stephen Foster composed “My Old Kentucky Home.” On the way to the Renfrow Valley Barn Dance in Renfrow Valley, famous for country music, they passed by Colonel Sanders’ first KFC in Corbin. She found Kentucky a fascinating place to visit and wants to go back again when there is more time to enjoy the scenic ride and participate in some of the local events—especially the Barn Dance.

During the conference, Hope graced the book table as Stan stood nearby to help anyone who needed a helping hand or a listening ear. They had an opportunity to meet almost every person at the conference because everyone scouts out the book tables. She and Stan kept their ears open for anyone who needed a word of encouragement or HOPE. After all, that was their job—to offer HOPE! Believe me, there were plenty of writers who needed a message of HOPE and they were  grateful for a listening ear and a word of encouragement.

When Ann arrived home and discovered her keys were missing, she was the one who needed HOPE! Now, keys are important, but those pictures of her grandchildren on that key ring were what mattered most. She called the Holiday Inn Express and received the word of HOPE she desperately needed. “Yes. The housekeeping ladies found the keys and turned them in to the front desk. Yes, we will mail them to you. And no, there is no charge for mailing them. We always do that for our customers.” What a great place to stay if you’re ever in E-town, KY.

Back in NC Stan and Ann sent HOPE off on her next excursion. Where will HOPE go next?

About Ann: Ann Knowles has been an educator for thirty-three years (teaching and curriculum development through community college level). 

Ann began writing in 1990 and launched her freelance editing business in 2005. Her stories appear in Life Lessons from Dads and Life Lessons from Grandparents.

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