Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Authors' Favorite Vacations - Part 1

Beach Party Bingo is off to a great start! We'll have posts all during the week, but we're also having fun on Facebook and Twitter, so come join all the fun! Yesterday, we started a game of virtual beach volleyball - and Magnificent Hope joined in the fun!

But Radiant Joy wasn't about to be outdone - she decided to throw her own little contest over on the Pix-N-Pens Facebook page. She's wanting readers to send in photos of SANDCASTLES!

We asked our authors to tell us about their favorite vacations. We'll share their answers the rest of this week. Readers, we want you to share your favorite vacation with us in the comments. And be sure to sign in to the Rafflecopter below for more entries in the Beach Bucket Extravaganza worth over $500!

Be sure to come back tomorrow to read more AND get the whole scoop on the BINGO portion of this beach party!

And now, here are some of our authors' favorite vacations:

DEANNA KLINGEL - I had a very romantic week in Paris with my husband in 1979 that I will always

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FAY LAMB - My children were still young, and my husband and I planned to surprise them with a special trip. If they’d known they were going to Disney World for the first time ever, even though we only lived forty-five minutes away, they wouldn’t have slept that night. So we told them that we were going to their great-grandma’s house. She lived in Avon Park, and we’d been going for visits so much that the kids just didn’t want to take the drive. To get to Avon Park, you have to drive through Orlando and past the exit for the theme parks, so the ploy worked wonderfully. When Marc veered in another direction away from great-grandma’s, the car got very quiet. I turned a bit so I could watch the boys. Our youngest, Ethan, wasn’t in the mood for looking out the window, but our oldest, Corey, was watching the passing scenery. His eyes narrowed as we kept passing the information signs. Then Marc turned into the drive toward Disney where it was obvious we were on park property. “Ethan, we’re going to Disney World!” Corey screamed. I have never forgotten the delight in their excited chatter.

J.A. MARX - Alpine Sledding and the Louvre

December 2010. Before the nest emptied out, we made our last Christmas together a memorable one. We rented a flat for the week that cost a fraction of the price of a hotel in the picturesque town of Interlaken, Switzerland, in the middle of the Alps. 

On Christmas Day, while the townspeople celebrated in their homes, we rode the train to the slopes. Each of us got our own metal sled with a canvas seat.

We rode the gondola up through the clouds to the top of the mountain where the yellow avalanche warning light was flashing. I glided up to a metal barrier and peered over the edge into a snowy abyss at least a couple thousand feet deep. From there, we zigzagged down the slope—for almost 2 hours. A most adventurous ride.

To France, via train. 

Accrued Marriott points allowed us to stay free right on Avenue des Champs-Élysées. While touring the Louvre, climbing la Tour Eiffel, and visiting other attractions, we feasted daily on giant crêpes lathered with Nutella. 

In Paris, you walk. Everywhere. In spite of eating all their good food, we came home thinner, our soles worn. 

Best vacation ever.

And we've got some FUN news to share today. 

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