Monday, June 3, 2013

Beach Party Bingo!

It's been quiet here on the blog lately - we've been planning and plotting and working behind the scenes to create a fun summer event. And today, we get to share it. I LOVE summer. And I love the beach. So this summer, we're throwing a virtual beach party.

Welcome to Beach Party Bingo!

We've asked all our authors to share some favorite things, and each week, we'll share their answers in blog posts, two or three times per week. I'm loving the answers coming in, so it promises to be a great time.

Beach Bucket is waiting for YOU!
There will be one theme per week, and it's that theme that will help you win our GIGANTIC Beach Bucket (42 quart!) filled with goodies. Each week, through August 30, we'll add a few more goodies to the basket.

This week, we'll start the basket off with:

  • 42 quart plastic tub to fill with goodies all summer long!
  • 2 extra-long beach towels
  • 1 pair of fun sunglasses to bring some bling to the beach
  • A festive photo album as a reminder to capture all those summer memories
  • $50 Visa gift card
  • Paperback copies of Stalking Willow by Fay Lamb and Destiny Defied by J.A. Marx

We're using Rafflecopter to give away this GINORMOUS Beach Bucket - you can earn up to 10 entries a day for your chance to win!

We're also giving away some weekly prizes - more details about that on Wednesday!

Tomorrow, we'll begin sharing our authors' answers to this:

Tell us your FAVORITE VACATION ever.

That's our theme for this week, so readers, share YOUR own favorite vacation in the comments here and/or on any post this week.

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Grandmac said...

This sounds like a fun contest! My favorite vacation is to go on a cruise to anywhere. I love the combination of luxury and the adventure of seeing new places.

Joanne Sher said...

My VERY favorite vacation ever was a steamboat cruise up the Mississippi. So VERY relaxing and fun and WONDERFUL! And the contest sounds VERY cool :)

Tracy Ruckman said...

I wanna cruise!! Grandmac, I'm with you - anywhere!!

Joanne - what part of the Mississippi did you go on? I dream of a riverboat cruise - but then want to stay on it for the full route, not just part of it. LOL!

Sally Ferguson said...

Favorite vacation? A visit to my childhood home on Grand Cayman. Lunch with old classmates and a tour of our school. The beach, sun, water, friends. Doesn't get any better than that!

Linda Strawn said...

My favorite vacation took place in 2003 when my husband, daughter, and I went to Disneyland. Because we booked our vacation after Labor Day, there were no lines and it was easy to take pictures of our 5-year-old with all the Disney characters rooming the park. We had a great time.