Monday, February 13, 2017

Capture the Magic: Special Treat from Elizabeth Noyes

Today is our LAST DAY to give away a free copy of THE HEART SEEKER SERIES, but our Capture the Magic promotion continues! Tomorrow, Imperfect Wings - the first book of the Cameron series - is only 99¢, part of the second half of our celebration of the season of love! Don't miss this chance to enjoy an excellent collection of romance!


Excerpt from IMPERFECT LIES, Book 4 of The Imperfect Series, Coming Summer 2017

The fine lawn handkerchief, her something blue gift to the bride, lay on the dresser, waiting to be tucked into the sleeve of the wedding dress. Words adorned one edge of the linen, a short phrase, hand-stitched with silken thread the color of a perfect summer sky—A Forever Love.
How cliché, and yet it summed up Lucy’s lifelong dream perfectly. How fitting they chose a Valentine wedding.
A forever love. Did such a thing really exist? Her parents' marriage of fifty-years would suggest so. But, how could a person know with any degree of certainty that they truly loved and were loved?
A fragment of scripture came to mind, wisdom from the New Testament. “Love is patient … love is kind … not easily angered … keeps no record of wrongs … perseveres.”
Wow. If the Bible speaks truth, then love means selfless devotion, unconditional loyalty, and can’t be turned on or off like a light switch. It endures despite a person’s worthiness or shortcomings, does not require qualification or justification, or even that your special someone loves you in return.

Since love is not a physical phenomenon with a quantifiable measure, it is difficult to apply a standard definition. Saint Bonaventure came close: “Love is its own measure and standard.”

How did you know you were in love with your special someone?


This book sounds intriguing, but the question is deep. What confirmed that you had found the one
you were to be with? Share your answer, if you choose, below. Leave your email address in the comments to enter in order to win today's copy of The HEART SEEKER SERIES.

Last but not least, our Capture the Magic continues on February 14-21 with a book on sale every day. One book per day will be discounted 60% or more. Look HERE on our website, for more information and a schedule for the when the books will be on sale.

Come back tomorrow to see our winner listed and enter again by leaving another comment! Super-simple!

And learn more about Elizabeth Noyes and her Cameron series at her author page on the Write Integrity website.

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