Saturday, February 11, 2017

Capture the Magic: What if ...

What a question!

For authors, that's the jumping off point of an exciting story.

  • What if all the computers died at once? 
  • What if the man hiding behind the plant is a desperate fugitive? 
  • What if those little lights in the sky started moving? 
  • What if the the lightning revealed a shadow of a man at the window?

Okay, not gonna lie. Some of those questions send a shiver down my spine.

Sometimes the scariest ones can come from the mouths of kids. Scary and confusing and able to silence the boldest of teachers without even trying.

But in this season of love, sometimes, that question, and those like it that deal with possible futures, are the type that tighten a grip around your gut and send sharp pains through your chest. With others getting engaged and married, the common concern is being "left behind."

And even being in a relationship doesn't solve the concern. When can you know you're "in love?" How can you speak the "L" word aloud? If you do, what will be the result? Does the relationship mean an eventual marriage? Is there "forever" in the other person's eyes? Will that expression actually remain forever?

If you're a Christian, you're completely immune to the worry and concern of the What if question.


But you do know that you won't be "left behind." You know that you ARE loved. You can speak what's in your heart to your Father and know you'll still be accepted and adored. And yes, the forever in the Father's eyes LITERALLY means FOREVER!

Totally cool.

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