Friday, July 19, 2019

Annabelle & Tom: a short story

This is a sweet romance from the 1950s by award-winning author Betty Thomason Owens, shared in celebration of her coming release of ANNABELLE'S JOY. 
This story will be released as a serial, and the mailing list of serial recipients will be discarded when the story ends. Join to get the daily serial HERE! We hope you LOVE it!

Part 1
Bon Voyage to the Kids!

Annabelle Cross stood with her young cousin, Judith, and best friend, Lillian Wade, at the train station. Annabelle touched her hankie to her lips as Joseph’s little hand pressed against the passenger car’s window. He mouthed words she couldn’t hear but his excitement was evident. His momma blew kisses, and his daddy smiled and waved.

Annabelle fluttered her hankie and tried to keep a smile on her face, though saying goodbye to her family was one of the most difficult things she’d ever done.

Lillian grabbed her hand. “Lord, bless their journey.”

Annabelle nodded, too choked up to speak. God knew her heart.

The train left the station, amid a great amount of noise, westward bound for San Diego. Though she didn’t really envy them the long trip ahead, Annabelle had to admit, she’d love to be with them.

“Hawaii, here they come,” Judith said while tucking a wayward red lock back into her ponytail. She turned her gaze on Annabelle and Lillian. “Well, y’all ready to go?”

Lillian hooked arms with Annabelle’s. “Come on. No use standing here weeping.”

Annabelle couldn’t seem to tear her eyes from the departing train. “Who’s weeping? I don’t see anyone weeping.”

“No, but you will be if you keep watching. Let’s go. Miss Judith has other things to do.”

Judith laughed. “I’m free most of the day. I’m helping with the inventory tonight, though, so I have to be there by closing.”

“Good. We have time to stop for lunch.” Lillian patted Annabelle’s arm. “That’ll cheer you up.”

Any other day, it would. Annabelle took a breath but held her tongue when she caught sight of the smile on her friend’s face. Lillian would return to an empty house. No toddler feet pitter-pattering. No Connie and Alton helping her pass the time. Just long hours of nothing but whatever it was Lillian did in midwinter.

Annabelle knew all about loneliness. She’d made friends with it after Connie married Alton. Though she’d missed that baby boy every day. In the beginning, she’d worn a path over to Sutter’s.

It took some time, but her life settled into a routine after that. She became content. That was mid-summer, right about the time Connie told her they were planning this trip.

The smoked pork on Annabelle’s plate dwindled to nothing, though she didn’t remember eating it, and couldn’t say whether it was tasty or not. She glanced at the others, but they seemed tickled as punch to be here.

All Annabelle could think about was that train, making its way west. Oh, the sights they’d see in the next few days.

“Aunt Annabelle, where are you?”

Annabelle met Judith’s eyes. “I’m sitting right here.”

Lillian scoffed. “Could’ve fooled me. We’ve been waiting for several minutes to know whether you want dessert.” Without waiting for Annabelle’s response, she turned to the waitress. “Bring it on.”

Annabelle frowned. “What did you order?”

“You’ll see when it gets here.” Lillian nodded at Judith.

“Don’t worry, Aunt Annabelle. You’re gonna like it.”

Annabelle figured she’d better come to herself and take part in the conversation. No telling what else those two might decide to do.

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Monday, November 19, 2018

Deepest Grief - Profound Relief

Canadian speaker and author Andrea Thom 
initializes our new
Entrusted Books imprint
with her study on
The Book of Ruth.

Happy Launch Day for one of our newest authors, Andrea Thom.

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ANNNND, Happy Launch Day to Ruth: Redeeming the Darkness, the first in the Rising Hope Bible series.

The unique Book of Ruth provides the stage for this outstanding study of God's redemption and unfailing love. Here's how Andrea puts it:

It’s unlike any book of the Bible that you’ve ever read. In Ruth, words like love storytheatrical, and screenplay are accurate descriptors alongside historical, and gospel-centered. Despite its small size, this book is profound enough to explode hope and redemption into your darkest pain and everyday frustrations. It’s a book that’s for everyday people like you and me – longing to be known and yet fully loved anyway, to experience joy even though we are goof-ups more than we ought to be.

Ruth’s message is not presented as a five-point sermon, but as a spectacular, on-stage, romantic drama that woos us into relationship with its characters and storyline. Its message brings grace where we’ve sinned, peace in our devastation, and hope despite impossibilities.

Its love story is not just one between a man and a woman, but between us and Christ - the ultimate lover of our souls. Ruth conveys the love story of Christ coming to redeem His people. Christ is coming for YOU. He’s the only One we can trust to offer real hope and redemption for our eternal future and everyday realities. We can know and love all the Bible words without loving Jesus, but we can’t love Christ without loving His Word. Experiencing Jesus alive and at work in us is essential, possible and awesome!

The host has ripped your ticket for Ruth’s next performance and you’re sitting front row center as His guest of honor. Come expectantly and settle into your seat prayerfully— God has set the stage for you to experience this drama together with Him at this precise time of your life. So let’s bring the real you and me to meet the living Jesus in Ruth so that He can move in honest places like yours and mine. The orchestra is cued, and the curtain is pulling back for Act 1. Ready?


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Starting Over ...

Editor's Note: My grandmother once told me about living through the stock market crash and the subsequent depression. Most political and social issues trickle down into Texas, having an effect long after the actual event. But not the crash. Already reeling from an intense drought, Dallas reacted almost immediately with banks closing, homes going into foreclosure, and businesses shutting down all over the area. My grandmother recalled the breadlines and how, a few years later, her husband left her and her newborn to work on the roads of a national park because that was the only job he could get. Even into her old age, Grandmother hid money in coffee cans and the pockets of old clothes she never wore. We even found a wad of cash in the hem of one of her coats after she passed away. CARLOTTA'S LEGACY makes this time period all-to-real, all over again. MLC

CARLOTTA'S LEGACY  is available beginning Sunday, August 5, for only 99¢. And watch for the release of the final book of the series, REBECCA'S LEGACY, on Tuesday, August 7. It will be only 99¢ too, that day only!

What if life changed in a day’s time, you had to pack up and leave your home to start over in a foreign country? Well maybe, if that foreign country was Umbria, right next door to Tuscany in Italy, it wouldn’t be so bad.

In October of 1929, the stock market crashed, and Rebecca Lewis lost her job at a local bank. Within days, another tragedy struck, and she had to rush to New York City. Her entire world turned upside-down. She had no recourse, but to finalize a proposal and marry that guy in Italy.

Did she love him? She wasn’t sure. But, he had a villa. Actually, he had two. One in Umbria, and another on the coast of Italy. And he was a conte—a count. She’d be a contessa. A contessa, living in the middle of nowhere with a man she admired and respected. And a smile that warmed her heart. He was quite handsome and had that oh-so-sophisticated accent.

He lived far away, and she had no money, so Rebecca called her dearest friend, Nancy Emerson. Robert and Nancy lived in New England, where Robert ran a large, and quite prosperous corporation. He’d offered her a job numerous times, but her pride kept her from taking his charity. Now she had no pride left, so she took a temporary position with Sanderson Industries to make enough money for the trip to Europe.

In the spring of 1930, Rebecca and her mother boarded a ship to sail to Italy.

About the Book
Her life is in a downhill plunge.

Rebecca Lewis is a reluctant bride-to-be. Marrying Riccardo Alverá, a young Italian count, may seem like a dream come true on the surface, but churning underneath is nothing but trouble, questions, and doubt. Especially since the marriage means leaving the only home she's ever known, possibly for the rest of her life.

The death of her globe-trotting father cements her fate, however. She and her mother have no choice but to set sail for Italy and the virtual stranger who awaits her.

The beauty and tranquility of the Alverá estate fails to ease Rebecca's heart as political unrest shakes the core of Italian society and despair entwines itself around her heart.

Will marrying an Italian count bring Rebecca the love she’s dreamed of, or doom her to relive her past mistakes?

About the Author

Betty Thomason Owens loves being outdoors. Her favorite season is spring, when she can work in the yard or take long walks, while thinking through a troublesome scene in one of her stories.

She is a multi-published, award-winning author of historical fiction, and fantasy-adventure. An active member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), she leads a critique group, and serves as vice-president/secretary of the Louisville Area group. She’s a mentor, assisting other writers, and a co-founder of Inspired Prompt, a blog dedicated to inspiring writers. She also serves on the planning committee of the Kentucky Christian Writers Conference.

Learn more about the author and her books on her author page at Write Integrity Press.