Monday, March 5, 2018

It's Looking to STORM!

Fay Lamb's newest book releases tomorrow! Happy Early Release Day! 

And you can enjoy the gift!

Here's the short version of this outstanding romantic saga!
How can one man save the town he loves when he’s the reason for the destruction?
Serenity Key, Florida, has seen its share of hurricanes, but this time, one foul weather system is about to collide with another storm, and this one has nothing to do with atmospheric pressure.

David New has guarded his secrets for years, but when two brothers, John and Andy Ryan, arrive in town and he gets news that the daughter he’s never told anyone about has disappeared, possibly the victim of a heinous crime, and the lives of many of the town residents begin to unravel in the gale force consequences of Jake’s past, he has nowhere else to turn.

God is the only one Who can calm the storms, but can David and the good folks of Serenity Key survive until He does?
A tempest has been brewing for thirty years, with only one island town in its path.
STORMS IN SERENITY, book 1 of her new Serenity Key series, is on a pre-order special for only $2.99 today. That's almost half-off for the e-book and tomorrow, the discount will be gone! Pre-orders are sent upon release at midnight tonight.