Wednesday, October 7, 2015

TV Interviews

This evening, October 7, 2015, I have the honor and privilege of being a guest on WATC-TV 57's Atlanta Live program, 7-8:30 PM (Eastern). The program is available by live stream here.

I would greatly appreciate your prayers - I tend to enjoy being a hermit, so being interviewed on TV is a huge step outside my comfort zone. But we're talking about books, about faith, about my walk with Jesus - and that THRILLS me. Just pray I don't make a fool of myself or embarrass my Lord.

I'm so proud of our other authors who've recently been interviewed on both TV and radio. You can view and listen to those at the links below:

TV Appearances:

(YouTube links)

Deborah Harper - WATC-TV 57 Atlanta
Elizabeth Noyes - WATC-TV 57 Atlanta
Joan Deneve - WATC-TV 57 Atlanta

Radio Interviews:

(SoundCloud links)

Betty Thomason Owens - The Dottie Coffman Show - Victory Radio
Cynthia Toney - The Dottie Coffman Show - Victory Radio
Elizabeth Noyes - The Dottie Coffman Show - Victory Radio
Fay Lamb - The Dottie Coffman Show - Victory Radio

I'll keep the PRESS page (see tab above) updated with new interviews as they're available, so stay tuned.