Thursday, October 13, 2011

Call for Grandparent Recipes

In celebration of the upcoming release of Life Lessons from Grandparents: A Trip Down Memory Lane, we want to honor grandparents here on this blog all during the month of November.

We're going to share recipes from grandparents, and we'd love for you to share with us. During the month, we'll include some recipes from the contributors of Life Lessons, but we'll also share some of our readers' recipes.

To submit your grandparents' recipes, please follow these directions:

Please send the recipe and information in one e-mail with a subject of GRANDPARENT RECIPE, so I can keep them all straight. 

You may share a little about the recipe and/or your grandparent if you wish - 100-200 words, and if you wish to share one COOKING tip your grandparent(s) gave you, please do. 

If you have a picture of the food in the recipe, send it. We'll post food pictures with the recipes. Be sure to include your bio at the end, with any links to websites you'd like to share with readers. So to make it a quick list - here's what to submit in a separate Word document attached to an e-mail:

Brief Introduction of Recipe
Cooking Tip (optional)
Food photo (optional)
Author Bio
Website Links (optional)

We will start featuring these on the WIP blog on November 1, and run them all month long. We'll start scheduling them to post as soon as I receive them - in the order they are received.

Thanks for helping us honor grandparents.