Monday, July 30, 2018

Oddly Inspiring!

by Elizabeth Noyes

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Inspiration comes in the oddest and funniest ways.

While working on Imperfect Bonds, the third book in The Imperfect Series, I hit a snag. The story needed a scene that would show the attraction and antagonism smoldering between my two main (volatile) characters, but all I could come up with was blah-bland. I needed zip, zest, something snappy, sassy, and maybe even a tiny bit spicy.

I often keep music on in the background while I write, something soft and unobtrusive, typically classical or easy listening. On this particular morning while I struggled with the problematic scene, for whatever reason I had turned the TV to a classic country music channel. The twangy voice of Buck Owens started up in one of his number one hits—I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail.

The catchy tune captured my attention and before long I found myself belting out the lyrics along with Buck and his Buckaroos. All the while a new scene began to percolate in the back of my mind—feisty former calf-roping rodeo champion butts heads with supremely confident Navy SEAL-turned-deputy, or How to Hogtie a Deputy: 101.

The scene didn’t unfold as easily as you might imagine, though. Sometimes what you envision in your mind doesn’t translate into reality. Imagine me, a senior citizen, lying on the floor, contorting through some of scene’s antics to see if they could really work. Yeah, I laughed, too. Now, imagine my honey walking in with a worried look on his face and asking, “Do I need to call 911?”

That scene remains one of my all-time faves from the Imperfect archives. I had such a blast writing it!

About the Author
Elizabeth Noyes—professional writer, aspiring author, dedicated dreamer—lives in the suburbs of Atlanta with her husband and best friend, Paul, who listens tirelessly while she regales him with all the tales in her head of damaged, but very human characters clamoring to be heard.

A native of the Deep South, she claims to still “speak the language,” even after traveling around the world for most of her adult life. Recently retired from a career as a professional business writer and editor, she now fills her days editing, critiquing, reading, playing with the grandkids, learning more about Social Media than she ever wanted, and putting her stories into words to share with others.

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Royal Romance?

I’m not super interested in the personal lives of modern English royalty, but even I heard about the recent wedding between American actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Coincidentally, I was even awake during the ceremony and watched them exchange vows via Twitter livestream. It was also via Twitter that I learned how the two met: they were set up by friends!

In the course of surveying other singles for my book The Proper Care and Feeding of Singles, I discovered that most of us aren’t necessarily opposed to set-ups. While we’re sometimes annoyed by our friends’ tactics, we generally appreciate the care and concern. Taking this into account, I added a section to my book recommending a simple, four-step process to help foster killer set-ups. (Note: I’m using the term killer metaphorically here. Please don’t set your friends up with killers. English princes are fine.)

I’m on the cusp of forty and still single. Over the years, I’ve experienced my share of set-ups; and while I used to think I hated them, it turns out I’m only opposed to awkward set-ups with incompatible people forced upon me by well-meaning acquaintances. That’s why Step One in my four-step process is to build good relationships with singles.

Set-ups works best when you now both sides of the equation well enough to judge shared interests, compatibility, and spiritual sensitivity. Once you know your single friends that well, you’re in a good place to set them up with any member of English royalty you so desire.

Providing they’re also single, of course.

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Ruth Buchanan is a Christian freelance writer who holds degrees in ministry and theology.
After years of classroom teaching in the United States and overseas, she left education to
pursue creative endeavors. She currently produces fiction, non-fiction, dramas, and a regular succession of fussy little to-do lists.