Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Celebrate with Dianne E. Butts!

We're so excited to announce the official "early" release date of Grandparenting Through Obstacles: Overcoming Family Challenges to Reach Your Grandchildren for Christ by Renee Gray-Wilburn and Dianne E. Butts.

To celebrate, I asked each of the authors to share what means the most to them about this book.

Dianne says, "Its goal to reach individuals for Jesus Christ—including not only the grandchildren but possibly their parents. My purpose for writing anything is to bring people to an understanding of Jesus, which then leads them to salvation in Him.

Another meaningful aspect to me is that I got to write the “Grandparents in the Bible” sidebars, so I got to teach God’s Word, and I love that!

My goal is to be 'gathering manna and giving it out.'

When the Israelites wandered in the desert for forty years after leaving slavery in Egypt, they had no food to support them. So every day God gave them bread from heaven to sustain them which they called manna. They gathered it every day (except the day before the Sabbath when they gathered two days worth for the Sabbath also).

 When Jesus came, He said, “I am the living bread that came down from heaven” (John 6:51. See also 6:35, 48).

 My desire is to be gathering daily manna, taking in the sustenance of God’s Word, and then sharing it with others to bring them to eternal life sustained by Jesus, and to whet their appetite to hunger for more of Him."

About Dianne: Dianne E. Butts is a freelance writer, author, and screenwriter. Her latest book, Deliver Me, for those in an unplanned pregnancy or with one in their past, is a Christian Small Publishers Association “Book of the Year”award winner and inspired her first short film:http://bit.ly/TheChoiceFilm. She has over 300 articles published in Christian magazines and web sites, and has contributed to nineteen books. She writes frequently for www.FindingGodDaily.com,www.TheChristianPulse.com, and www.ThinkingAboutSuicide.com. Her first book, Dear America, is now available on Kindle. She enjoys riding motorcycles with her husband, Hal, and gardening with her cat, PC. They live in Colorado.


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Grandparenting Through Obstacles is Available Now:

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We're celebrating! Answer one of the following questions in the comments section below for a chance to win a print copy of Grandparenting Through Obstacles. We'll draw a winner on Friday, August 17th.

What is (or will be) YOUR most challenging aspect of grandparenting? Or, if you're not yet a grandparent, what was the biggest challenge your own grandparents faced when you were growing up?

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Terri Tiffany said...

My biggest challenge as a grandparent is knowing when not to speak up about how my daughter is raising him and just be there for guidance.