Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Someone's Mistake Becomes Your Gain

Last week, I ordered books for conference. The printer shipped two orders. I don't know if I placed two orders (I don't think I did) or if they had a glitch in their system (printer's words, actually) that caused the duplicate, but I'll soon be in possession of more books than I'll sell at conference.

Since we operate on a limited budget around here, I'm going to sell the extras at a pre-conference price just for YOU!

We have limited copies of these at this price so if you want to take advantage of the sale price snag them NOW. I'll take the books off the order button when they're gone. The books will be available at this price until they're sold or next Wednesday 3/13/13, whichever comes first.

Parenting on Your Knees
by Vicki Tiede
Paperback regularly $14.99, now only $9!

Really Rare Rabbits
by Peggy Cunningham
Paperback regularly $12.99, now only $9!

A Familiar Shore
by Jennifer Fromke
Paperback regularly $14.99, now only $9!

Grandparenting Through Obstacles 
by Renee Gray-Wilburn and Dianne E. Butts
Paperback regularly $15.99, now only $9!

Jake and the Buggy Melee
by Darryl E. Green
Paperback regularly $9.99, now only $8.00!


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