Monday, January 12, 2015

Two Weeks Until We Set Sail

Today begins the new school semester for me, and even though we got an extra week of break this year, it seems I've been working non-stop!

In addition to the new magazine we announced Friday, we're also publishing several new books this year, including the Valentine sequel of our bestselling novella A Dozen Apologies.

On Monday, January 26, we'll publish Chapter One of The Love Boat Bachelor right here on the blog. Every weekday, January 26-30 and Feb 2-4, we'll post a new chapter, each one introducing a potential love interest for our hunky hero Brent Teague. Then, on the afternoon of February 4, we'll open voting for readers. YOU get to choose the one heroine you think makes the perfect fit for Brent. Your votes will decide the final chapter of the book.

Voting will take place Feb 4-7. Then, on Saturday, February 14, the book will be made available on Kindle FOR FREE for FOUR days - Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.

We'll have a special announcement just for writers during those four days, so be sure to grab your copy and watch the blog for more information.

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