Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Impress an Editor in 9 Steps: Part 4

Dear Editor,
I have a book. Books are my best friends. I spend my entire day reading and talking to the characters in my head. And my goldfish, Betty. I want to be a best-seller so that someone besides my mom and my twin brother will know my name. What type of television exposure will you offer?
Herman from Hermitville

There’s no getting around it. Publisher’s don’t sell books; authors sell books. The authors are the ones who engage the people around them (whether on the Internet or in person) and interest them in their stories. People read books that they hear about, in person, from their friends much more often than those they see on a general media shout-out.

Best-sellers get to that spot by having people interested in their books. If you never talk to anyone, who will care to buy? It’s like the crowd in the middle of a power failure. They won’t know the person standing next to them has a flashlight if he doesn’t turn it on.

So turn it on! Start a book club. Online is okay, but in person is better. Visit your local library often. Join a readers’ group, an entrepreneurs’ group, a Bible study group, hobby or civic clubs. Writers are notorious for being introverts, but they must break out of their shells to engage folks who might become their biggest fans.

Get online with your passions. Search for blogs, forums, Facebook groups, and Pinterest groups that offer gathering areas for the things you love. Get involved with others, as much to have fun as anything else.

Then when you do have a book that’s ready, you have a variety of people interested in your book if only to support your dream.

My best advice: Step out of your comfort zone. Don’t only mingle with other writers. Engage!

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