Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Facing Fear With Faith by Peggy Cunningham

We all face things we fear. And, perhaps, children's fears may be more intense. How do
we help them through their fears and teach them to trust God? My children’s book, Really
Rare Rabbits Book 2: Giant Green Ghosts and the Secret at Peppermint Pass is a tool to
help children overcome their fears and trust God. These rare, adorable rabbits take you on
a dangerous journey with them to meet their grandfather. On the way, they face their
fears and learn to trust God.

As a writer, I reap the benefits of researching Bible principles for my children’s books. I
spend time praying and searching verses to incorporate in my stories. Those verses
inevitably cause me to dig deeper for spiritual nuggets to help children, and in the
process, my soul gets stretched. My walk with God grows more intimate as I strive to
impart God’s truth that will impact young lives for Jesus. I love writing for children
because I know how their little minds and hearts quickly soak up God’s Word.

We all go through storms in our lives or face giant obstacles in our paths. Maybe they
aren't the giant green ghosts that my rabbits encounter, but all the same, we cringe when
our giants appear. Children also face their giants. Fi Fi trembles when she meets the
giants, but she remembers a Bible verse tucked away in her heart. "Do not fear; I will
help you" (Isaiah 41:13 NIV).

How about you? Are you facing giants today? Don’t tremble, trust God to slay your
giants. Maybe you aren’t a children’s writer, but just as I wrote how God’s Word helped
Fi Fi, it will help you overcome your fears. And, who knows, maybe you’ll discover God
wants you to write for children.

About the Author

Peggy Cunningham and her husband, Chuck, have been missionaries in Bolivia, S.A., since 1981. They have a children's ministry and work with national churches. In addition to her children's books, she writes devotionals for women like her DANCING LIKE BEES, and her new SHAPE YOUR SOUL, coming in spring of 2018. Also coming in the spring is a new series of Holiday stories for children, using the animals at her ranch in Bolivia as her main characters. Watch for HOORAY FOR HOLIDAYS, beginning in January of 2018. Learn more about Peggy and her books at her author page at


Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing. I came because of the giveway, but I'll be checking back for more recommendations on books.

Unknown said...

Learning to trust God is one of the things I have struggled most with in my faith because I was not saved until later in life. BUT teaching children young, like through books, is a very smart way to do so. Adding this book title to the list I have going to read to my kid(s) whenever I have them!!

Paula Shreckhise said...

Thanks for your heart for children. I think this is a wonderful way to teach and reach kids, helping them to trust in God!

Lucy Reynolds said...

Thank you for this article.

Brenda said...

Very interesting. We had a fear to deal with last week for my grandson. He was being bothered by a classmate and his stomach was hurting so much he missed 2 days of school. We had to take him to Dr then ER and for outpatient test. I went to the school because my daughter couldn't talk about for crying. But I talked to the principal and she got it all straightened out and the teacher is watching closer now. You talking about being upset that my grandson had to go through all this because of someone treating him bad. Was I ever! He is only in the second grade so this was all uncalled for. But his fears was so bad that his stomach was tied in knots. He was begging and crying that he didn't want to go to school. We finally got him to tell us what was wrong. He said he had no idea that was what was making his stomach hurt. He is so young he didn't put it together. Praise The Lord he is doing better and the other boy is leaving him alone.

Marji Laine - Faith Driven Fiction said...

Wow, Brenda! I'm so glad your grandson is better now! Thanks so much for sharing with us!