Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Got Hope?

I have a friend whose parent is going through some memory issues. I've actually known several folks who have dealt with their aging parents recently. Such an emotional and traumatic time.

My friend mentioned that her father had always said, "Life's hard, and then you die." He would laugh about it, make a joke. But as he's aged, she sees the bitterness he's always held.

That statement, made in jest, was his true outlook on life, and now that his filters are failing, his lifelong despair shows.

She has recently changed the statement: "Life is good, and then you get to go see Jesus!"

I guess it has more to do with what's on the inside than the circumstances of life. My friend's father worked hard, but played hard, laughed harder, and has an extensive legacy of children, grandchildren, and friends who love him dearly.

My friend's life is similar, with both blessings and difficulties. But while her father called life hard, she calls it good.

It's all in how you look at it. How you daily see life. If you focus in on all the bad, then life is going to be hard. If you search for the blessings, you'll find them.

Our God is in the details of life. He's there, crafting the circumstances to help you see Him and know that He is near. He's close during the storms, wanting to hold you through your fear and distress. He's also nearby during the celebrations, hoping you'll delight in His blessings and witness that they are from Him.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

About the Author

Marji Laine is the executive editor and director of Write Integrity Press. She also writes romantic suspense, mystery, and romance novels. Her stories are full of broken characters carried through extreme circumstances by their growing faith in the Lord. Full of hope and sincerity, Marji writes to encourage believers to remain strong in their daily faith to prepare for difficult times.

In her spare time, she directs a children's choir, sings alto in her church choir, and works with high school students on Sunday mornings. She also leads a high school/college Bible study and enjoys family game-night and watching Hallmark movies.

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