Monday, November 14, 2011

Grandparent Recipes - Grandad Ern's Flapjacks

From Tracy Ruckman:

I had the privilege of living with my maternal grandparents for about a year after I finished my first year of college. I moved from the tiny Alabama town where I'd spent the past year to my grandparents house in metro Atlanta.

Grandad Ern during a smoke break while
working a Southern railway passenger train
between Atlanta and Greenville, SC.
He normally worked freight trains,
infrequently passenger trains. 
Grandad Ern was a railroad man and was still working for Southern when I moved in. (He retired a few years later with 39 years + 1 day of service.) His schedule coincided with my own work schedule frequently - I worked 2nd shift so I could go to school during the day - so we spent our "wind down" time in the kitchen.

One of his favorite late-night snacks was flapjacks, and even though I follow the recipe, I never can quite get them as good as his! I think his company made a difference.

Grandad Ern's Flapjacks

Add water to self-rising flour until almost runny. Drop into a hot frying pan with a 1/4" of hot grease. Fry on each side until done. Careful not to cook too fast as the center will not get done. Split open and spread liberally with margarine/butter and jelly. (He preferred grape jelly - I preferred strawberry preserves.)

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