Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hope Tour: St. Louis

The Hope Tour 2012 Kickstarter campaign is now full swing! Be sure to drop by our page, make a pledge, and get involved!

For the next 30 days, we're going to feature many of the towns on our tour. We're giving away a fun Hope Tour Gift Basket, so be sure to answer our questions for your chance to win!

When we leave Kentucky, we'll head to St. Louis. I'm excited about this town for several reasons and one of those is personal. My best friend in high school now lives in St. Louis, and she is one of our publishing company's biggest fans. She's already making plans to introduce our books to a special group in her town - the Scooter Club! I keep up with these fun people on Facebook, and this stop will prove to be one of the most exciting, I'm sure!

While we're there, we'll also be meeting with local author Diana Lesire Brandmeyer. Now I just have to find out if she rides a scooter!

Now we need to hear from St. Louis residents. Leave your answers in the comments below for a chance to win a special Hope Tour gift basket.

1) Who is your favorite local author and what does he/she write?

2) What ONE restaurant would you recommend for our Best Bites on Tour book? Remember, we don't want fancy-schmancy - just good food and hopefully a fun atmosphere, too. Be sure to tell us what kind of food it is, too.

3) What's ONE thing in your town we should not miss when we get there? This can be something touristy, or something off the beaten path - but something that represents your town like nothing else. If we took photos there, folks would know it could only be from your town.

4) Name THREE fun facts about your town. We may use these in a later post, but it will also help us get acquainted with your area.

5) BONUS QUESTION - Are you a scooter rider?

Leave your answers in the comments below, and be sure to provide us with your e-mail address so we can contact you if you're a winner.

Be sure to stay tuned for events planned in your area.

Thanks for your help.

Check the Kickstarter page for all the different reward levels and pledge your support! We could hold a party in your honor (S'mores, pizza, or wienie roast, anyone?) If we make our goal, Kickstarter collects the money and we go on tour. If we don't make our goal, you won't lose a penny! 


Jennifer Fromke said...

After living there for 5 years, the things I took away from St Louis are a love for Ted Drewes (frozen custard) and the zoo (free admission!)

Diana Prusik said...

I live a hop, skip, and jump down I-44 from St. Louis, and I am a former resident, so does that count? I'd recommend a short drive to dine at Magpie's Cafe on Historic Main Street in St. Charles. The baked potato soup and quiche there are divine! For dessert, head back toward downtown for a Ted Drewes concrete--best frozen custard in the world! Don't miss the St. Louis Zoo, the finest in the nation, and catch a play at the Fabulous Fox Theater, where the building is as fascinating as what's on stage. I'm not a scooter rider, at least not yet. Welcome to Missouri!

Maggie said...

1. I love Elaine Viets. She use to be local now she lives in Floridia. Her humor is on par with mine... crazy!

2. Gee one restaurant? But St. Louis is rich in so diverse types of meals, can't you stay a year? Ok, just one? Charlie Gittos (Downtown)

3. You can't beat our Zoo in Forest Park. Forest Park is where the 1904 World's Fair was held. There are many buildings today that are still standing. Since you are all writers the downtown library is a must see! (if open, going through a renovation at the present time)
The ultimate little known fun thing if downtown is go to Union Station and talk through the secret hallway.

4. a.) Ted Drewes Custard isn't all that ;) I know so anti St. Louis! However it is a cool destination spot. Spanky's custard in SoCo is much better! b.) The most popular question in St. Louis social scenes is "Where did you go to high school?" c.) Jefferson Barracks, still open as reserve base, museums & park, is the second largest military cemetery in the U.S. and was the site of one of the bloodiest battles in the Civil War with 25,000 killed.

5. I am the Founder of the St. Louis Scooter Club so uhhh yeah I ride a scooter or two or three or five ;-).

Evelyn said...

I'd have to agree with Ted Drewes and the zoo. Of course everyone knows about the St Louis Arch, and near to it is one of the oldest churches west of the Mississippi.

Tracy Ruckman said...

Such great help, y'all. We may just have to try both custards to see what we like best! LOL!

And we'll definitely check out the zoo.

Maggie - I look forward to meeting all your Scooter friends. Maybe one of y'all can tell me where to find a lime green scooter! :-)

Thanks so much - I can't wait to get to St. Louis!