Friday, March 30, 2012

Interview with "Those Crazy Twins" - A Familiar Shore

Welcome to an awesome Fun Friday! Today, I'm thrilled to interview two of the coolest young ladies I've ever met, but I need to ask for your cooperation - please don't let it slip that they might be fictional! We wouldn't want to hurt their feelings, would we?

Tracy Ruckman:  I’d like to introduce you to Jane and Janell Marston. They are identical twins who appear in Jennifer Fromke’s debut novel, A Familiar Shore.

Jane and Janell in unison: Hi everyone!

TR: Tell us about the setting of your story.

Jane to Janell: Do you want to talk?

Janell: I can talk, but you wanna talk too?

Jane: I’ll jump in if you need help.

Janell: OK, so our part of the story takes place on Lake Charlevoix. It’s this really beautiful lake in northern Michigan.

Jane: But not the Upper Peninsula. It’s in the northern part of LOWER Michigan. Everybody gets that mixed up!

Janell: Right. So there’s Lake Charlevoix, and that opens up into a tiny little lake we call Round Lake . . .

Jane: Cuz it’s round.

Janell: …and there’s a marina there, and also an outlet that is like a canal that goes out into Lake Michigan.

Jane: Yeah, so we can jump on the boat and cruise all the way up to Harbor Springs or even Mackinaw City if we want.

Janell: Our family owns this cottage on Lake Charlevoix. We spend lots of time up there in the summer.

Jane: Yeah, and every year on Memorial Day Weekend the whole family comes together to open the cottage for the season.

Janell: There’s lots to do: dusting, planting flowers, putting the dock in the water, cleaning off and tuning up the water stuff like kayaks, jet-skis, and the sailboat.

Jane: And making potato salad!

Janell: The potato salad, of course.

TR: Why do you make potato salad?

Janell: Long story.

TR: So did you two have a chance to meet the main character, Meg Marks?

Jane and Janell: Yes! We sure did! (Heads bobbing, ponytails flying)

Janell: Meg showed up on Memorial Day Weekend, so the whole family was there.

Jane: (giggles) She kinda shook everything up.

Janell: Totally. It was the first weekend I remember that didn’t go exactly the same as every other year.

TR: What happened?

Janell: Well, Uncle Ken took off early . . .

Jane:  . . . and Uncle Jeffrey was chopping wood

Janell:  . . . and we made a donut run . . .

Jane:  . . . but that’s all stuff that happens every year.

TR: So what did Meg do to change how you normally do things on Memorial Day weekend?

Janell: Well, Grandfather sent her . . . Maybe you should read the book . . .

Jane: Yeah, you definitely should. It’s like, the best book ever. To us, anyway.

Janell: Well duh, that’s cuz we’re in it.

Jane: Nah-uh. We would’ve liked it anyway.

TR: I think you would've too, although without the two of you, there might not have been as much laughter! Thanks for joining us today! Pop in again sometime and tell us what you've been up to!

Readers, if you've enjoyed this interview as much as I have, let Jennifer Fromke know! She might have another one up her sleeve somewhere! Be sure to check out the fabulous contest Jennifer is throwing - some incredible prizes await!

Read more about the twins, their grandfather, and Meg Marks in A Familiar Shore.

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