Friday, May 11, 2012

Where in the World is Magnificent Hope? - Week 1

Today we begin the "Where in the World is Magnificent Hope?" contest.

Each week, we’ll post a photo of Magnificent Hope near a landmark. If you know “Where in the World is Magnificent Hope?” send us an e-mail with the subject line CONTEST WEEK 1, CONTEST WEEK 2, CONTEST WEEK 3, etc. The person with the MOST correct entries and bonus entries at the end of the contest will win their choice of either a Kindle Fire or a Nook Tablet, a $100 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card (depending on which reader your choose), and a copy of all our WIP and PNP books published any time during this year!

Bonus entries may be earned three ways:
  1.  By “liking” all three Facebook pages – Write IntegrityPix-N-Pens, and Magnificent Hope – just be sure to let us know you liked us in your first contest entry, and we’ll add the bonus points.
  2. Bonus entries will also be given for anyone submitting by e-mail one or more photos taken with Magnificent Hope AND at least one of our books anywhere on her journey. One photo per location, please. (For example, if you bump into Magnificent Hope at a Jennifer Fromke event in North Carolina and take ten photos with her at that same event, only one photo will count. But if you bump into Magnificent Hope at Jennifer’s event, and then again at an event with Dianne E. Butts, you can take photos both places and get two bonus entries!) Send your photos in .jpeg format, attached to an email, and we may use them in blog posts or perhaps even a book.
  3. Telling your family and friends about Magnificent Hope, Hope Tour 2012, and our books and authors – through Facebook, Twitter, blog posts, interviews with our authors or Magnificent Hope, or other ways. One share per week gets you an extra entry, so send us your links by e-mail so we can tally your points.

Now, this week's photo.

From Magnificent Hope's Diary:

I enjoyed my visit to this beautiful city. The people welcomed me as they embraced my message and allowed me to encourage them. Tranquil rivers reminded me of the need to be still before God and colorful parks and gardens refreshed me as I prepared for the next part of my journey. I look forward to visiting with the author who lives here and sharing more about her and her city later in the Hope Tour!

Send us an e-mail with your guess of where Magnificent Hope is in this photo (Hint: The answer is NOT "inside an airplane.") And please don't put the answers in the comments - let's keep the contest fair for everyone.

Magnificent Hope's journey started here.


Lynnette Bonner said...

AH! Seeing this makes me realize I misunderstood your first post about this! LOL. :blush:

Tracy Ruckman said...

No worries - you're just tallying up some entries! :-)