Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An All-Together Christmas and Mom's Orange Pudding

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Yesterday, Fay Lamb posted Chapter Seven Part One of The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt on her blog. Today, she posts Part Two.

Today, Debbie Roome posts Chapter Eight Part One on her blog. Here, she shares with us her favorite Christmas memory and one of her mom's recipes.

An All-Together Christmas
by Debbie Roome

Christmas has always been a special time for me. It’s a day for family and friends, good food and lots of fun. My most memorable Christmas in recent years was in 2009. My parents and sister from South Africa were visiting us in New Zealand and during the build up to Christmas Day we took advantage of every Christmas event we could think of. Together we went to Christmas in the Park, the Santa Parade and the Grotto. We drove around looking at homes sparkling with Christmas lights and lingered at store windows with a life-size nativity story. The week before Christmas we went to a community party at our church and on Christmas Eve we sang carols with friends and family. On Christmas Day itself, we had a huge family lunch. My five children and daughter-in-law were with us and we had a wonderful day, celebrating, telling stories, pulling crackers and laughing at silly jokes. It was bittersweet in a way, not knowing if our lives would ever intersect like this at another Christmas … but we made the most of it.

Mom’s Orange Pudding

My mother loves to cook and bake but somehow those skills escaped me and jumped to my younger daughter. This is Mom’s orange pudding recipe that is nice and light after a heavy Christmas lunch.

2 eggs
½ cup sugar
¾ cup orange juice
1 dessert spoon gelatin
½ cup milk

Beat egg yolks with sugar. Add orange juice and gelatin which should have been dissolved in ½ cup of boiling water. Add beaten egg whites and cold milk and refrigerate until set.

About Debbie:

Debbie Roome was born and raised in Africa and moved to New Zealand in 2006. Writing has been her passion since she was six years old, and she now works at it full time. Her first novel, Embracing Change, was released in 2010. Her latest novel, Contagious Hope, was released in October by Write Integrity Press. Recent nonfiction books include Cyber-Bullying is Never Alright: Dealing with the Pain of Cyber-Abuse and Magnitude 7.1 and 6.3. She also has stories in a number of anthologies and over 500 articles on various websites. In the last few years, Debbie has received a number of awards for her writing as well as placing in many competitions.

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The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt

Grace takes delivery of a package and her life is turned upside down by nine sealed mystery envelopes from her late grandmother. Grammie’s instructions require Grace to take the journey of her lifetime, not only to far off places, but also into the deepest parts of her heart. As she follows the trail laid out for her and uncovers her family’s darkest secrets, Grace is forced to confront the loss and betrayal that has scarred her past and seek the greatest Christmas Treasure of all.

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Debbie is the Featured Guest today at Magnificent Hope's Christmas Party! Come on over and join the fun!

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