Saturday, January 25, 2014

One Week Four Apologies

Whew! Mara's apologizing - and all her odd jobs - are proving quite the challenge, aren't they? (I'm afraid they're going to get worse before they get better ...)

Here are some links to help you get caught up, in case you missed some of the chapters and some of the heroes this week. Don't forget - we're letting READERS vote for the hero they think is the best match for Mara!

Chapter One - We learn about Mara and how she sets out on the quest of A Dozen Apologies.
Chapter Two - Mara delivers a wedding cake (sort of) and then apologizes to David Hansen.
Chapter Three - Mara becomes a dog nanny and apologizes to Dominic Cardano, golf course architect.
Chapter Four - Mara tries her hand at product demonstrations and apologizes to James Green, garden nursery owner
Chapter Five - Mara's stint as a cater-waiter ends in a mess of gigantic proportions and she somehow manages an apology to Collin Tate, coffee shop owner.

I hurt for Mara already and know she's got more coming.

Voting opens at Noon (EST) on Feb 5.

Be sure to check out the blogs by all the authors - you'll find links for all the different posts at the end of each chapter listed above, including Marji Laine who is sharing Mara's journal as she goes through each apology; Fay Lamb scoops interviews with all the heroes as soon as Mara moves to the next one; Phee Paradise offers some thought-provoking devotionals tying into the themes we're addressing with Mara's story - forgiveness, apologizing, repentance; and Patricia M. Dyer offers interviews with some of the authors and the publisher. There are lots of others, so be sure to check out all the links.

Mara has her on Facebook profile - she'd love to be friends with you. She's still in Facebook jail, so you'll have to request her friendship since she's not allowed to request yours. She tried to make friends too fast for Facebook's approval.

She also set up a fun group on Facebook and we all invite you to come join in on all the fun. "You Know Your Job is Odd When ..."

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