Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Authors and Characters Dream of Christmas Vacations

Do YOU dream of Christmas vacation? As part of our Five Golden Days of Christmas celebration, we asked our authors for their favorite Christmas vacations, and for their characters. We'd love to hear from readers, too, so share yours in the comments!

From Jerusha Agen:

For her character in This Dance: Nowhere. Given the sad memories Nye Sanders has of living in New York City and traveling, she most wants to stay at home in Pennsylvania, enjoying the snow and Christmastime with the family she holds dearer than ever.

For Jerusha: You couldn’t pay me to be away from home at Christmas! Christmas is my favorite time of year, especially because of how beautiful the holiday has always been at my home, with my family. If I could hop a plane and go somewhere before or after Christmas, though, I’d take an expense-paid vacation to Norway.

From Betty Thomason Owens:

For her character, Nancy Sanderson, in Amelia's Legacy: Skiing in the Adirondacks

For Betty: St. Lucia

From Fay Lamb:

For her character, Libby: Tahiti (you can find out why in Charisse - still FREE on Kindle!)

For Fay: Well, I’ve been doing some research on Barbados (for The Love Boat Bachelor). I’ve always had this secret dream of touring the Mount Gay Rum factory (even though I no longer drink), but in watching the videos and viewing the pictures of this island, I’m ready to go there now.

From Elizabeth Noyes:

For her character, TJ McKendrick, in Imperfect Wings: Caribbean Islands

For Elizabeth: Bora Bora

From Julie Arduini:

For Jenna, in Entrusted: Jenna wouldn’t go far because she’s new at the job and loves where she is. Perhaps Lake George.

For Julie: It sounds like I’m marketing but I love Speculator so much I go back there time and time again. I’d love to go back to the place my husband and I stayed at years ago in Lake Placid. If I had to choose somewhere I’ve never been, perhaps Tennessee. Internationally? Italy.

If money and time were no object, 
where would you like to spend your Christmas vacation?

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