Monday, December 1, 2014

Writers Play Secret Santa on Characters

"Secret Santa" or "Dirty Santa" has been played at Christmas parties for decades. This year, we decided to shake things up a bit and we asked our authors what kind of Secret Santa their protagonists might play on their antagonist.

In Elizabeth Noyes' Imperfect Wings:

"A knuckle sandwich."

In Julie Arduini's Entrusted:

Ben would have no problem recycling and regifting the extra cups from the Memorial Day picnic and giving them to Kyle Swarthmore. Kyle sponsored the community event and made sure his name was all over the products he paid for, and it drove humble Ben crazy. He might fill the cups with candy, but he’d have to think about it.

In Fay Lamb's Libby:

Evan’s antagonist is his abusive father. Evan’s gift cannot be purchased. He’d want to be able to give his dad the ability to go back and live life unharmed by those who were supposed to protect him, so that Nate (his dad) could, in turn, love his wife and four sons in the same protective environment Evan never experienced.

In Betty Thomason Owen's Amelia's Legacy:

“A one-way ticket to the moon.” (Quite a feat in the 1920's, wouldn't you say?)

From Jerusha Agen's This Redeemer:

Charlotte Davis unsuccessfully tried to find the perfect gift for her boyfriend many years. One year, she made a little cowboy hat ornament out of paper and a marshmallow, but it promptly got crushed. She eventually gave up and just bought him a case of beer when she could scrounge up the cash for it. After what Charlotte goes through in This Redeemer, if she could give him anything, she’d give him the best gift of all—a Bible.

If you could play Secret Santa on your archenemy, 
what would you do?

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