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A Few of Her Favorite Things ~ Author Vicki Tiede

Today, author Vicki Tiede gives us a glimpse into her ministry.

“These are a few of my favorite things …”

I love that song from “The Sound of Music.” More than once I’ve been known to rewrite the lyrics to highlight a few of my own favorite things.  Such lyrics are sure to include family, friends, reading, writing, speaking, teaching, and chocolate.

I Spy Magnificent Hope! Do you?
I recently made took a road trip with Magnificent Hope to Southwest Minnesota for a speaking engagement. Praise God for air-conditioning or I don’t think anyone would have shown up. Okay, that’s not true. I was pretty sure we’d have a fair turn out when the first group of women claimed their seats at 5:15, when the event didn’t begin until 6:30. I was still setting up my book table. Magnificent Hope  was perched next to a pile of books and more than a few women commented on her.

That night my message was called “Sweet Blessings ~ Lessons I’ve Learned from Friends and Chocolate.” What a great night! My favorite thing to do as a speaker is to take my listeners on an emotional roller coaster ride. I shared some solid truths from Ruth and Naomi’s story of friendship, I tossed in some sweet chocolate tales, shared a couple of stories that left many with tears brimming, and then in the next breath had those tears falling freely as we laughed until our sides hurt. (I love my job!)

At my book table, I was blessed to reconnect with my third grade teacher and my high school voice coach. I assured them that I was making good use of all that they taught me as an author, speaker, and homeschool mom. What a treat to see them both again. (Let’s just say that Mrs. Geisendorfer wasn’t surprised to hear that I was a speaker given that she said I talked too much in class as a third grader!)

In the next six months, my book table is going to take on a whole new look. In October, New Growth Press will be releasing my book, When Your Husband is Addicted to Pornography: Healing Your Wounded Heart. I wrote this book for the woman who has discovered that the person closest to her in the world, her life partner, is struggling with pornography. But now, although the shock might have worn off, she is still reeling–feeling shattered, betrayed, alone. Where does she turn? Who does she turn to? I remind her that no matter how she is feeling right now, she is not alone. She can turn to the God of all comfort and hope who promises to never leave her or forsake her.

When Your Husband Is Addicted to Pornography: Healing Your Wounded Heart is written to help her turn to God and away from despair. Healing comes as she learns to focus her eyes on Jesus and allow him to meet her needs rather than basing her hope and happiness on her husband’s choices. I guide her through this process by focusing on six important topics:

hope, surrender, trust, identity, brokenness, and forgiveness. Allowing God to meet her greatest needs is a long and learned process, but he promises to help her every step of the way.

Then, in January of 2013, Pix-N-Pens Publishing will release Parenting On Your Knees: Prayers and Practical Guidance for The Preschool Years. (I know … did you just get a small case of whiplash? From Pornography to Preschool Years? I think God has an incredible sense of humor, don’t you?) As a full-time mom, which is most important job and ministry, I’m passionate about praying for my kids. Parenting On Your Knees equips parents to pray specifically and parent purposefully through the unique season of parenting preschoolers.

For those of you who are wondering what my “brand” is as an author or speaker, I’ll give you a hint. My first solo book was Plug Me In and Let Me Charge Overnight: Keeping Your Holy Enthusiasm Up When Your Battery Runs Down. Clearly we can say, “Vicki’s brand is sponsored by the letter P.”

Ok, Ok, that’s not true either. Yes, I tend to have P in my titles so far, but that’s just a coincidence. Really, my passion is to open the Scriptures with women and relate life experiences in order to share God’s grace and faithfulness and to draw others into a lifelong pursuit of knowing Him. Yes, these are indeed a few of my favorite things.

About Vicki: Vicki Tiede is an inspiring Bible teacher, conference speaker, and author. Her passion is to open the Scriptures with women in order to share God's grace and enduring faithfulness. She transparently relates life experiences that resonate and draw others into a lifelong pursuit of knowing God.

Vicki's candor and humor are a delight to her audiences, who feel like they've met a new friend moments after she begins to share a glimpse into her life. She consistently points her audiences back to God's Word and presents fresh insights into the Scriptures.

Living in Rochester, Minnesota, Vicki is a wife, homeschooling mom, and the coordinator of women's ministries in her local church. Vicki holds Master's degrees in Ministry and in Education.

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