Monday, July 16, 2012

Seven Authors Offer Hope to Concord Victims

Saturday, July 14th became a day for Hope in Concord, NC.  The Carolina Christian Writers, a local chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) held a multi-author book signing on Saturday. Seven authors banded together and decided to make it about more than just selling books. They asked people in attendance to purchase items to donate to the local battered women’s shelter in town.

Not only did people come to talk with authors, but they came to make a difference for women whose homes are not safe. The shelter has constant needs and this month in particular they really needed paper towels. Paper towels! How many of us buy paper towels any time we run out? Well, we decided to collect things like paper towels, cleaning products, and a few other specific needs the shelter gave us. We advertised ahead of time, so some people brought things from home. Since the event was held at Kmart, many visitors decided to add an item or two to their shopping cart that day. When all was said and done, we filled up the back of an SUV with items for the shelter.

(l-r) Jennifer Fromke, Magnificent Hope, Bethany Lebedz
The authors all had great opportunities to talk with fans, friends, and new acquaintances. The publicity from two separate newspaper write-ups was instrumental in bringing the people to the event. One visitor even brought a copy of the article she had clipped.

One fan who visited us was Bethany Lebedz - a Hope Tour follower and friend of Pix-n-Pens and Write Integrity Press. She managed a photo-op with none other than the famous Magnificent Hope!

Participating authors included Myra Johnson, Dora Hiers, Mary Annslee Urban, Jennifer Hudson Taylor, Lynnette Eason, Amy Clipston, and Jennifer Fromke. Lots of books were sold, but the contact with readers was the highlight.

The most rewarding part of the day was the huge smile on the face of the volunteer coordinator at the women’s shelter who helped unload that SUV. She couldn’t wait to get those supplies unpacked and in use at the shelter. We have great hope that our donation provided a much-needed boost for not only the women and children who will benefit from the donations, but also to the volunteers at the shelter. Just knowing that someone “out there” cares can bring hope even into a very dark place.

What are you doing this week to share a little hope?

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Myra Johnson said...

A very rewarding day! So glad I could be a part of helping fill a need while enjoying the company of such lovely authors and our readers!

Bethany LaShell said...

I enjoyed meeting all the authors (some for a 2nd or 3rd time)! And we're loving the books we've read so far!!