Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Big Game Aboard The Love Boat Bachelor

Brent is in the Caribbean, having just left Aruba and on his way to Bonaire. I've been assured he's a football fan, so he'll catch the Super Bowl on one of the ship's many TVs, but it's anybody's guess who he's rooting for. Will you be watching the game?

We've had a whirlwind week full of adventure around all our blogs, so today, we'll give you a chance to get caught up on all the happenings. Here are some links in case you missed them:

The Love Boat Bachelor

Chapter One - Departing Charleston
Chapter Two - Cozumel with Nora Laing
Chapter Three - Grand Cayman with Eliana Grayson
Chapter Four - Limon, Costa Rica with Renee Kessler
Chapter Five - Aruba with Alyssa Laroche

Come back Monday for Bonaire and the next bachelorette!

Since we're asking our readers to decide Brent's future, Fay Lamb caught up with all the bachelorettes after their encounter with him so we could get more acquainted. She interviews them On the Ledge:

Interview with Jerusha Agen, brainchild of The Love Boat Bachelor
Nora Laing
Eliana Grayson
Renee Kessler
Alyssa Laroche

Brent's been e-mailing his adventures (or misadventures?) to his sister Roselle, and due to some fancy tech work, Marji Laine was able to snag those e-mails for our reading pleasure.

Dear Sis from Outside Charleston
Dear Sis from Cozumel
Dear Sis from Grand Cayman
Dear Sis from Limon, Costa Rica
Dear Sis from Aruba

This cruise has really given me cruise fever - I want to go on one so much! Elizabeth Noyes is our in-house cruise expert and has provides some excellent tips for cruising, in her series Tips from a Savvy Cruiser:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Monday, we're headed to Bonaire, so come join us. Tuesday and Wednesday, we'll meet the final bachelorettes, and then Wednesday afternoon, we'll open voting so YOU can choose the woman you think best fits Brent Teague.

Also, starting Wednesday, you can send in your list authors you think wrote which chapter for a chance to win. Once you think you've figured them out, send me an e-mail (editor [at] writeintegrity [dot] com) listing the chapter number, the heroine name, and the author you think wrote that chapter. The person who identifies all of them correctly will receive a prize. If more than one gets all the right answers, then we'll have a drawing. If no one has all the right answers, we'll award the prize to whoever has the most correct answers (random drawing if there's more than one.) The winner will receive Kindle versions of all our books and a $50 Amazon gift card! To get you started, we'll let you know - Jerusha Agen wrote Chapter One. But she didn't write one of the heroine chapters, so make your choices from the other seven authors.

We'll be announcing a special contest for writers in the next few days, so stay tuned!

And just in case you're visiting us for the very first time, The Love Boat Bachelor, releasing on Kindle Valentine's Day, is sequel to last year's bestseller, A Dozen Apologies.

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