Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Voting Now Open - YOU Decide the Heroine!

Cast your vote for the heroine you feel is the best fit for our Love Boat Bachelor, Brent Teague. Voting will remain open through Saturday, February 7, midnight (Eastern). The winning heroine will be revealed in the final chapter of The Love Boat Bachelor when it releases on Kindle on Valentine's Day!

In case you missed any of the chapters or any of the heroines, here's a complete list of links:

The Love Boat Bachelor

Chapter One - Departing Charleston with Brent
Chapter Two - Nora Laing, Cozumel
Chapter Three - Eliana Grayson, Grand Cayman
Chapter Four - Renee Kessler, Limon Costa Rica
Chapter Five - Alyssa Laroche, Aruba

Chapter Six - Sadie Graham, Bonaire
Chapter Seven - Lacy Dickinson, Barbados
Chapter Eight - Mercy Lacewell, St. Maarten

1 comment:

Sparks of Ember said...

I voted for mercy but I think I'd like to change that to Renee?