Saturday, February 14, 2015

Who Won Brent's Heart? #Free on Kindle The Love Boat Bachelor

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today, find out who won Brent's heart in The Love Boat Bachelor. It's FREE on Kindle Feb 14-17, so grab your copy and help us spread the word.

To celebrate Brent's future, we're going to have some fun blog posts for readers, a couple of blog posts for writers, and announce another contest in a few days. So keep an eye out for all the latest updates.

We asked our authors a few questions, and we'll share their answers today and in the coming days.

Today, we asked, "What's your favorite flower and why?"

Betty Thomason Owens: Lilacs. They’re gorgeous. They smell wonderful.

Fay Lamb: The azalea. My grandmother's yard had azaleas and oaks, and I always wanted to have the same in my yard. Today, my yard as an azalea and oak garden, and the azaleas are blooming beautifully. In my novel, Libby, she had a grandmother who had the same garden.

Joan Deneve: Nothing moves me more than a field full of wild flowers. Planted and designed by God. I love red poppies most of all.

Theresa Anderson: My favorite flower is the pink colored peony. They smell sweet and divine, but beyond that are the wonderful memories from my childhood of mounds of them blooming in our yard. My mother would squeal at the first sight of them each spring, and now it's my turn. I planted two in my own yard several years back. It took four years for them to even produce a bud, but boy oh boy, once they started blooming, they burst with abundant blooms every year now!

Julie Arduini: Lilacs. We had bushes growing up and the smell reminds me of that, and of my dad, who passed away in 2004. Our new house has a huge lilac bush, and I’m so excited.

Jerusha Agen: The red rose. Simply because it’s the most elegant and beautiful flower God created.

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