Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Books of Hope Contest Finalists Announced

Write Integrity Press is pleased to announce the finalists for the 2012 Books of Hope contest. Finalists now have until November 30th to submit a full-length manuscript for Book One of their proposed series of three books.

Due to the limited number of entries in the nonfiction category, only two entries were chosen to move forward, and we are awarding contracts for both series.

Congratulations to the Nonfiction Finalists:

Dianne E. Butts, for her nonfiction series entitled Days of Hope.

Jontie Hays, LCSW & Sarah Ulmer, for their nonfiction series entitled Monkey in the Middle. (DISQUALIFIED - 6/19/12)

We'll share more details in the coming weeks. We're thrilled to be publishing these books - they are life-changing!

Choosing the finalists in the Fiction category proved difficult due to the number of entries. But we prevailed and are excited to see the outcome.

Congratulations to the Fiction Finalists (in no particular order):

Bonnie Engstrom, Desert Dreams Series
Dianne E. Butts, Springs Eternal Series (yes, Dianne is a double-finalist!)
Joan Campbell, The Poison Tree Path Chronicles
Lillian Duncan, The Minton Family Mystery Series
Lisa Keck, Shadow of the Steeples Series (WITHDRAWN 7/20/12)
Marie Coutu, Mended Vessels Series
Nancy Lee Bethea, Word Counts Series
Melanie Ironstand, Jeremiah's Journals
Brenda W. McIntyre and Jan Powell, Travelin' Teens Adventures
Jerusha Agen, Sisters Redeemed Series
Mary Annslee Urban, Faithful Counsel Chronicles
Traci Hilton, Plain Jane Mystery Series
Mishael Witty, Sunset's Hope Series
Valerie Goree, Stolen Lives Series

Retyping this list reminded me of the wonderful quality of these submissions - our readers are going to be thrilled! As you can probably guess from the series titles, we received submissions in many different genres, so some may cause you to laugh out loud, others to shed a few tears, some keep you guessing, some will help you grow, and others just make you sigh with contentment. I can't WAIT!!

Congratulations, writers. Time to get busy! We look forward to seeing your full manuscripts in a few months.

Readers - see any on the list that catch your eye already?

Don't forget, Hope Tour 2012 continues all summer - you still have a chance to win a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet. Magnificent Hope's last stop was with a few young writers - be sure to check out the blog and follow the "Where in the World is Magnificent Hope?" links for a chance to win.

A Special Treat from Jennifer Fromke (and a huge hint for the Week 2 photo!)


Sparrow said...

Whoo hoo! I'm so proud and excited to see so many of my friends on this list. Is there another step in the judging? Will all of these authors get contracts or will just a few of them be picked after you see the finished manuscripts? Either way way to go, authors!

Tracy Ruckman said...

Yes, there's another round of judging. The finalists must submit, by November 30th, the full manuscript from Book One of their proposed series. Winners will be selected based on the full manuscripts, and contracts will be awarded in January.

Dianne E. Butts said...

WOW WOW WOW! Thanks Tracy and Books of Hope contest! Gotta run...I have books to write!