Thursday, June 14, 2012

Magnificent Hope Enjoys a BBQ in New Zealand to Help Fund Missions

On Sunday 10 June 2012, Magnificent Hope visited Burnside Elim Church in Christchurch, New Zealand with author Debbie Roome. The people there had been anticipating her arrival for a couple of weeks and were thrilled to have her with them. To celebrate, they stayed to have lunch with her and enjoyed a barbecue with sausages and South African boerwors. They were also able to purchase Debbie’s books with $5 from each sale going towards missions.

Burnside Elim Church supports two missions on an ongoing basis:

Liz Hutton has been a missionary in Papua New Guinea since 1986. She oversees the Salem Training Centre which includes the Salem Training School which Liz established in 1992. The aim of Salem Training Centre is to train up and equip national children’s workers of all denominations, providing resources and encouraging those who minister to children and to see a generation of P.N.G. children growing up with Christian principles.

Roger and Nausica de Gracia run a Bible school in the Zambales province of the Philippines. Located a few hours north of Manila, they are currently building a two storey building which will enhance their capacity to train church workers in the region. The ground floor, supporting columns and first storey roof have been constructed. Burnside Elim church is raising money to help with the second storey roof. As well as providing ministry training, the Bible School is active in the community and runs a feeding programme for needy children.

Magnificent Hope had a lovely time with the people at Burnside Elim and was excited to hear that the barbecue and book sales raised NZ$350.00. This money will be shared between the missions and will spread the hope to two more countries. It was a privilege to have Magnificent Hope in Christchurch and her visit was an inspiration to many. 

About the author: Debbie Roome was born and raised in Africa and moved to New Zealand in 2006. Writing has been her passion since she was six years old, and she now works at it full time. Her first novel, Embracing Change, was released in 2010. Her latest novel, Contagious Hope, will be released later this year by Write Integrity Press. Recent nonfiction books include Cyber-Bullying is Never Alright: Dealing with the Painof Cyber-Abuse and Magnitude 7.1 and 6.3. She also has stories in a number of anthologies and over 500 articles on various websites. In the last few years, Debbie has received a number of awards for her writing as well as placing in many competitions.

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