Friday, June 22, 2012

Magnificent Hope Celebrates Father's Day in Colorado

Hi! Dianne E. Butts here again. Magnificent Hope surprised us again when she attended church with my husband and me in Lamar, Colorado. She heard my husband, Hal, had been asked to fill in on Father’s Day for the Pastor (who was out of town to perform a wedding of one of our church’s kids!)

Hal preached on a timeless “father’s” story Jesus told: the Prodigal Son. Hal talked about how the Father in the story, whose son left and squandered all his money, ran to welcome his son back home when he saw him off in the distance coming down the road, and that’s how God welcomes each of us home when we decide to return to Him.

Hal also talked about how, when we see Jesus coming on the clouds, riding a white horse, at His second coming, He will have His arms straight out, palms out, nail prints in His hands and feet showing, ready to embrace us, and He will say, “It’s time, children. Come on home!”

Oh my. What a sight He will be! Hope and I talked about whether that day is very far off. Seems like a lot is going on in our world today, and that’s why people need hope. And that’s why Magnificent Hope is on tour, taking magnificent hope in Jesus to people everywhere.

Hal and I rode our motorcycles to the church in Lamar where we used to live. It’s a two and a half hour ride…one way. The ride home was in wind and 100+ degree heat. Magnificent Hope decided not to ride with us under those conditions. (I think she feared she might spontaneously combust.) So she headed off to visit the next author on her Hope Tour at her next destination. We asked where that was, but she wouldn’t reveal that top secret information.

Meanwhile, Hal and I soaked our skill caps in water for a little air conditioning on the road. We got home safely, and spent the rest of the afternoon soaking in air conditioning and sucking down H2O!

So long, Hope! See you next time.

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