Thursday, June 21, 2012

Magnificent Hope Attends Book Signing with Elsi Dodge and Dianne E. Butts

Magnificent Hope certainly had fun Saturday, June 16, in southwest Denver, Colorado (Littleton). She’s been in several Christian bookstores, but Mardel Christian and Educational Supply is simply enormous! She wandered the aisles, finding all sorts of books … gadgets … shirts … cards … dust-catchers … gifts … “What a delightful place!” she kept telling us.

“Us” is Elsi Dodge and Dianne Butts, who were throwing a book signing at Mardel. The focus of the signing was Life Lessons from Dads (Write Integrity Press); Elsi has a story in it—along with a picture of her father in the 1960s, holding a baby beaver. Between them, Elsi and Dianne had over 20 different titles they were offering: “Here’s your chance to get an autographed first edition!” Books for children, for women, for fathers, for mothers … devotionals, compilations, self-help … how to enjoy an RV vacation, how to deal with an unexpected pregnancy …

Even more than selling books, a book signing provides so many opportunities for both networking and ministry. Elsi met several people who had heard her on KPOF (, and Dianne reconnected with a biker friend. Then there was the lady trying to deal with panic attacks—both Dianne and Elsi have experience with that. A man who talked knowledgeably about making movies, which Dianne is venturing into (and her short The Choice makes a powerful statement beautifully). A family with several disabled children. A teacher from Truth Christian Academy in Littleton.

Dana Oswalt, the manager of Mardel, welcomes local authors and was glad to meet Magnificent Hope, inviting her back in August for Grandparents Day and the release of Dianne’s Grandparenting through Obstacles (which includes one of Elsi’s stories).

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