Saturday, June 16, 2012

Christmas Book Contest

The Books of Hope Contest ended last night and judging begins Monday. We're so excited, we're announcing two new contests TODAY!

You'll find details of the One Hope contest in the previous post, and now we're announcing a special Christmas contest.

For our "Christmas Hope" contest, we're looking for Christmas-themed books - fiction or nonfiction - to publish THIS YEAR! So if you have a Christmas manuscript ready, or if you write quickly, check out the details.

This contest only has ONE round of judging.

One FICTION winner will receive $250 and our standard publishing contract.

One NONFICTION winner will receive $250 and our standard publishing contract.

To enter the Christmas Hope contest:

  • Submit cover page with Name, Address, Phone, E-mail, Website, Book Title and Paypal Transaction  ID#.
  • 100-word description of the book (back cover blurb)
  • Full Manuscript, 40,000-90,000 words, any genre, fiction or nonfiction.

Now for the nitty-gritty details (and these have been deal-breakers in the past, so please follow the guidelines - they're here for a reason):

  • Use Times New Roman font, size 12.
  • Use double-line spacing, except for the synopsis and blurbs.
  • Pages should have 1" margins all around.
  • Use black ink.
  • Include a header on each page (except the cover page) that includes your last name and page number in top right corner.
  • In the subject line of the e-mail entry, please indicate - CHRISTMAS HOPE: Fiction or CHRISTMAS HOPE: Nonfiction, so the manuscripts are routed properly.
  • Entries should be submitted in a Word document, attached to the e-mail (editor [at] writeintegrity [dot] com).
  • The e-mail itself should serve as an introduction - tell us who you are and a little about you. Nothing formal, fancy, or lengthy - just let us get to know you a little.
  • This contest is open to published and unpublished authors. 
  • Previously published books are not considered. UPDATE 6/19/12: To clarify, this means books do not qualify if they have been published by or through any publisher - traditional, self-published, or hybrid.
  • You may enter more than one book, but each much be submitted as a separate entry and entry fee.

Manuscripts may be submitted by July 31st.

Pay Entry Fee below, and then submit entry by e-mail.

PLEASE NOTE: We have learned that the Chrome browser does not play well with Paypal, so if you use Chrome and have problems submitting your entry free, you may want to either try another browser, or just send payment directly through Paypal, using editor [at] writeintegrity [dot] com as the recipient address. If you choose to do it that way, just make sure to put your Series Title and whether your submission is Fiction or Nonfiction in the "Notes" section when you send payment.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt within 24 hours of payment. (48 hours on weekends.)


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