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Future Writers: Passing the Mantel

Hope Tour 2012 consists of three aspects: promotion for our authors, involvement in missions, and contests. This week, Ruth O'Neil involves us in all three areas. Today's post is from the Missions aspect.

Aspiring writer Alexis entertains
Magnificent Hope
The very first ministry my husband and I worked with together as a couple was working with the junior high youth group at our church. They were a group of kids no one wanted, but we fell in love with them. Twenty-six years later, my husband and I still enjoy ministering together to young people of all ages. While we will probably never go away to the mission field, we consider the kids we interact with every day our personal mission field. Young people are near and dear to my heart personally as well.

As Christian writers, there are many ways to minister to others. One of those ways, besides writing for Christian publications is to pass the mantel on to the next generation. There are many young people who love to put words to paper and create stories. Those young people need two main things: Guidance and Encouragement.

Young writers need guidance to produce quality writing. Future generation will read what future writers will write. Will it be writing that brings people down morally or will it be writing that lifts people up and glorifies God? These young writers need to be taught what quality writing is and that it takes work to achieve it.

Young people also need encouragement. If a teenager only hears negative comments about his writing, he will only quit writing all together. Teach them what you know and gently give them constructive criticism. Work on a writing project together if possible. Show them that not all writing has to be religious, but it should be free from the things that go against Him.
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Magnificent Hope, too!

The next time you hear of a young person that wants to be a writer, help them to reach their goals and achieve their dreams. Encourage them by asking about current writing projects. Read their stories if they ask you to. Teach them to write with integrity and not compromise their beliefs.

Be missions minded at home. Sponsor a young writer to take writing classes or bring them along to a writer’s conference with you. Sponsor him for a summer camp especially for young writers. In this way you can change the future world for the better.

Be a missionary. Pass on the writing mantel.

About the Author: Ruth O’Neil has been writing for over 20 years. She has published hundreds of articles in numerous publications. She homeschools her three children. In her spare time she enjoys quilting, crafting, and reading.

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