Friday, February 14, 2014

A Dozen Apologies FREE on Kindle!

Everyone has been so patient, waiting for this day to arrive. Even Mara has tempered her anxiety a little.

Readers have spoken! You chose Mara's hero! Thank you for reading, deciding, and voting. We heard from many readers during the voting process, and we're grateful for the time and effort put into your choice - the decisions weren't made lightly, based on comments we received. A Dozen Apologies is FREE on Kindle February 14-16, so be sure to tell your friends. Here's a "Note from the Publisher" that we included at the front of the book to explain how we shared A Dozen Apologies with our blog readers.

A Dozen Apologies is a unique book. For readers joining us for the first time, I'd like to share its brief history.

Eleven authors were selected to participate in our Valentine project. Once all the authors were on board, we provided them with the first chapter, and the story synopsis and timeline of the story. Each author was assigned a specific month to set their chapter. While the authors went about creating their heroes, we held a contest and invited writers to submit their own hero for a chance for that hero to win his place in the book. We provided each entrant with the same information we provided our authors: the first chapter and the story synopsis.

We asked both the authors and the entrants to write two chapters. One of the chapters would be their hero chapter where Mara apologizes to that particular man.

Patricia M. Dyer was chosen as the winner of that contest, and her hero was incorporated into the book.

On January 20, 2014, Write Integrity Press began publishing the chapters of A Dozen Apologies on its blog - one chapter per weekday for thirteen days. Readers were introduced to the heroes in the chapters but also became better acquainted with them through "interviews" with each of them. Also during those thirteen days, Marji Laine shared portions of Mara's journal on her blog. You'll find links to all of the interviews and all the journal entries in the "Fun Bonus Materials" section.

The second chapter we required the authors and entrants to write was the final chapter. In this chapter, the hero was to “win” Mara’s heart, though we intended only one ending for Mara. To determine which hero would provide the happily-ever-after ending, after the opening chapter and each heroes chapter were posted, the readers were asked to vote for their favorite fellow. Because we wanted to make sure the heroes won the vote on their own merits, the author for each hero remained anonymous until the voting closed. For four days, readers voted, and a clear winner was decided.

Chapter Fourteen was only published in this eBook, and that chapter reveals the winning hero written by the author who created that hero at the very beginning of the project. We have not revealed the heroes identity outside the publication of this book. We don't want to spoil the ending. So we ask our readers to please help us keep that secret, too!

So get your copy of A Dozen Apologies and tell all your friends it's FREE right now.

Now that the voting is over, we're spotlighting the authors of each chapter and revealing who created each hero. Check out the author spotlights on Fay Lamb's blog every day for the next two weeks. 

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