Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Romance of Tender, Loving Care

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Our authors love to toy with my emotions - if they can make me laugh or cry with their stories (or sometimes jokes or antics), we all celebrate. Today's special guest, Phee Paradise, has done just that with her special romantic moment. Grab the tissues. 

Wayne is the romantic half of our couple. He delights in giving me gifts – a Vermont Teddy Bear, pajama gram, emerald tennis bracelet and myriad bouquets of roses. He tells me that his goal is to see “that look” when I open a gift. But I don’t love him for the gifts. We’ve also had walks on the beach and candle lit dinners. But I don’t love him for the romantic outings. It’s the tender, loving care he lavishes on me.

A trip we took a few years ago is a perfect example of that. We planned it together, but he made all the arrangements. He drove the four hours to Raleigh where we wandered the botanical gardens at Duke University, looking for ideas for our little patch of yard. The next morning he took me to the hospital for a corneal transplant. He stayed with me while nurses came and went, putting drops in my eyes. He was at my side when I woke up from the surgery and talked with the doctor about after care while I dozed. Back at the hotel, while I lay flat on my back, he carefully washed his hands every fifteen minutes before putting drops in my eyes. After bringing me supper from the hotel restaurant, he went out for ice cream. He knows my dad always brought ice cream when I was sick. He knows that for me it’s a necessary part of healing. When we came home, he continued to care for me until I could see again.

It wasn’t a romantic get away, but that trip was an expression of the deep, deep love of my husband. I am blessed.

About the Author:

Phee Paradise is a freelance writer with diverse writing experience. Her work includes book reviews, newspaper articles and short stories, and she writes devotionals for her blog, Delighted Meditations. She has contributed to several books, including A Pixel-Perfect Christmas, Love Letters from the Heart and A Ruby Christmas. She resides in South Carolina where she teaches public speaking and volunteers at her church. She’s a happily married mother and grandma who loves children’s ministries, gardening and reading.  Phee prays that her work will be used by God to His glory. 

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