Friday, February 7, 2014

Wrapped in an Unforgettable Memory

Votes are coming in! Cast your vote now for Mara's hero in A Dozen Apologies. While the voting is taking place and during the tallying of votes, we're chatting with the authors about romance. 

Today's romantic memory is from Fay Lamb.

Would it surprise you to know that a romance writer really isn’t big on Valentine’s Day? Well, it’s true. I mean, I have no problem with the idea of prompting romance, but I’m not much of a card or a flower person. Making memories is more important to me.

Florida State Parks
One of my favorite memories was made when Marc and I were dating. He’d invited me to Gainesville to watch the Gators play at The Swamp. That in itself was exciting. My first college football game.

He said he had a surprise for me, and when he pulled off of the highway and headed down a deserted road, I wondered what he was up to. Not too far away, he pulled up in front of a little Cracker-style home that I recognized immediately.

I was touched by the fact that he cared about my interests as much as I cared about his Gators (now my Gators, too). You see, the house had been home to Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. In that place, she had met the people of Cross Creek, Florida, and she’d written about them in stories like Jacob’s Ladder and The Yearling. Her life in the tiny town had been memorialized in the movie most fittingly entitled, Cross Creek, and I couldn’t get enough information about her.

No flowers. No cards. Football season and not Valentine’s. Just his love for me wrapped in an unforgettable moment and a memory that won’t wilt like a flower and can’t be tossed away like a card.

About the Author:

Fay Lamb’s emotionally charged stories remind the reader that God is always in the details. Fay has contracted with Write Integrity Press for three series. Stalking Willow and Better than Revenge, Books 1 and 2 in the Amazing Grace romantic suspense series are currently available for purchase. Charisse the first release in her The Ties That Bind contemporary romance series has been released. Fay has also collaborated on three romance novellas: The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt, A Ruby Christmas, and the newest A Dozen Apologies. Her adventurous spirit has taken her into the realm of non-fiction with The Art of Characterization: How to Use the Elements of Storytelling to Connect Readers to an Unforgettable Cast.

Future Write Integrity Press releases from Fay are: Everybody’s Broken and Frozen Notes, Books 3 and 4 of Amazing Grace and Libby, Hope and Delilah, Books 2 through 4 from The Ties that Bind. Also, look for Book 1 in Fay’s Serenity Key series entitled Storms in Serenity.

Fay and her husband, Marc, reside in Titusville, Florida, where multi-generations of their families have lived. The legacy continues with their two married sons and six grandchildren.

Fay loves to meet readers, and you can find her on her personal Facebook page, her Facebook Author page, and at The Tactical Editor on Facebook. She’s also active on Twitter. Then there are her blogs: On the Ledge, Inner Source, and the Tactical Editor. And, yes, there’s one more: Goodreads.

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Pat Dyer said...

Oh, how sweet, Fay! Enjoyed that little tidbit about you and Marc.

Anonymous said...

Love this story, Fay! Romance comes in all forms!

Jennifer said...

That's so sweet...

Unknown said...

It's wonderful when you find your soulmate.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, dear friends. Yes, he is my soulmate. Not too many would put up with me. :-)

June Foster said...

That is such a special story, Fay. Marc was so in-tune with you. So sweet. I wonder what he's going to do this year.

Joe and I are giving each other a visit to Florida for a week. Yes, part of that time I'll be at an awesome writers' conference and will go to one of my friend's workshop.