Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Dozen Apologies Week 2 Recap

Someone said yesterday that her head was spinning from all of Mara's choices. But we've taken Mara's choice from her, so she's off the hook. On Wednesday, February 5 through Saturday, February 8, we're going to ask READERS (you!) to vote for the one hero you think Mara should spend the rest of her life. We want YOU to play matchmaker!

The winning hero will be revealed in the final chapter of A Dozen Apologies, which releases on Kindle Valentine's Day. 

Here are links to all the chapters published so far, all of Mara's apologies and how the men have handled them.

Read Chapter One.
Read Chapter Two.
Read Chapter Three.
Read Chapter Four.
Read Chapter Five.
Read Chapter Six.

Read Chapter Seven.
Read Chapter Eight.

Read Chapter Nine.
Read Chapter Ten. 

To help you get to know these guys a little better, Fay Lamb tracked all of them down for an interview after Mara paid them a visit. Here's a list of all the hero interviews so far (I've added the chapter numbers before their names, just for your convenience):

Chapter Two - David Hansen
Chapter Three - Dominic Cardano
Chapter Four - James Green
Chapter Five - Collin Tate
Chapter Six - Chip Linton
Chapter Seven - Ted Rivers
Chapter Eight - Russ Farlow
Chapter Nine - Elliott Weston
Chapter Ten - Connor Martin

Don't forget, Marji Laine has been revealing Mara's journal after all her apologies - and all her jobs - too, so you'll want to check Marji's blog for additional insights. 

All of the authors have blogged exceptional articles, devotionals, interviews, insights the past two weeks. Be sure to click all the links at the end of each chapter. Makes for some great reading, some may provoke a few thoughts, some may inspire you, some may even encourage a road trip or two! 

Thanks for joining us on Mara's journey. I can't wait to discover YOUR hero for her!

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