Wednesday, July 8, 2015

An Adventure with the Heroines

Today, Elizabeth Noyes shares her response to "If you could take three people on a summer vacation, you'd take ... [and Tracy would change the rules and beg to go on this adventure with them!]

A Vacation Adventure with TJ, Lucy, and Shea
by Elizabeth Noyes

I’ve vacationed with family and friends many times. That’s always fun. And I love traveling with my honey. In fact, we have a couple of more lovely trips planned in the near future. So, being a writer and lover of fiction, who else would I want to have an adventure with than three of my heroines from the Imperfect Series!

Trouble magnets, that’s what I call them—TJ (the heroine from Book 1), Lucy (making her debut in Book 2), and Shea (who’s been mentioned in the first two books, but will take center stage in Book 4). Those three embody all the spirit, courage, brokenness, and sass hidden in every woman. Imagine what fun we would have visiting Idaho and teaming up with the Cameron women—Cate, Mallory, and Cassidy. We’d go rafting on the Salmon River, horseback riding along the Lost River Valley, hiking in the mountains, fishing, kayaking, and we’d be sure to find our own kind of trouble, knowing the hunky men of the Triple C Ranch are just waiting for an opportunity to come to rescue—not that we’d need them. Yeah, that’s definitely on my bucket list.

Imperfect Wings
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Imperfect Trust
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Elizabeth Noyes is a native of the Deep South and claims to still "speak the language," even after traveling around the world for most of her adult life. She and her husband now live in the eastern suburbs of Atlanta where she works full time as a professional writer and editor for a privately owned company. "It can be a challenge finding enough time to squeeze in church, family, work, grandkids, friends, AND find time to write," she says. "Somehow, though, the balance always comes."

Her favorite things include reading across many genres, playing bridge with dear friends, crocheting, baking, country music, and her three precocious and gorgeous grandkids.
Using ideas from the thousands of books she's devoured provides great opportunity to mix and match plots, flawed characters, and locales she's visited to create her own unique stories, settings, and characters. "There's a whole host of heroes and heroines prancing around in my head, each one clamoring for their story to be told."
Her first published work, A Dozen Apologies, released on Valentine's Day 2014, is a collaborative effort involving 12 authors, each contributing one character and one chapter. Elizabeth's hero, Elliott Weston, was chosen by online readers as the guy who got the girl in the end. This anonymous vote allowed Elizabeth the honor of penning the final chapter.
Her first novel in the Imperfect Series, Imperfect Wings, was a CAT 5 winner in the 2013 Writers on the Storm contest. This action-packed, full-length romantic thriller takes you from the jungles of Honduras to the mountainous beauty of Idaho and finally to the polished red oak confines of a U.S. District court in Virginia.

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